Christmas in New York #NYCLife14

Thursday, December 29, 2016

No more school for two weeks felt pretty good. No early morning and more of the big city. However we spent our first free day, Saturday, in Tarrytown. We really wanted to get our nails done for christmas, since it is kind of a typical and cheep thing to do here. When we walked in, we felt out of place. Literally everybody was looking at us and we had no idea what to do with ourselves. Which ultimately led to us just standing there awkwardly in the middle of the shop. After some time we got some directions by pointing fingers from the Chinese staff at the chairs where we were supposed to take a seat. They had run a warm foot bath for us and from there it was a lovely relaxing experience. I got red on my toes and dark green on my hands, very christmassy if I say so myself.
We got lunch at a local cafe called Mint. Renee and I shared the mozzarella pesto pannini and a fruit platter, both very enjoyable.

On Sunday we went to Manhattan. It was a cold Christmas day without snow, and we soon found out that most stores where closed. We didn't know what to do with ourselves, but luckily our brunch place was open. I got the avocado toast as well as Renee and we walked trough Greenwich Village, it was delightful. It soon got dark and as we approached Rockefeller Center all the Christmas lights made my eyes twinkel. There were masses of tourists and is was hard to get trough all of them to find a good spot from were we could enjoy the spectacular light show. Worth it, it was but the real Holiday spirit was still missing. Family is important, I know, but especially being so far from home during this time of year you realize how much you love and miss them. I always looked forward to the christmas dinners with my family. On the 25th, first day of christmas I would have a big Christmas dinner with my fathers  side of the family. On the 26th, second day I would spent with my mothers side. Everybody would be there and it is usually more fun than other family gatherings, I don't know why but it just is. It was hard being away from all that but it made me all the more grateful to have spent it with a friend like Renee, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

From all that walking we were pretty tired the next day, but that was actually perfect because we had had a movie day planned. The first one we saw was Passengers which I really liked but the ending kind of sucked. The second film we saw was La La Land. It was a weird movie, but in a beautiful way. A movie were you still have to think about afterwards to realize what was actually going on. We still felt tired and fell asleep as soon as we found ourself back in our beds.

Yours Faithfully,


Food and unexpected things #NYCLife13

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It was a normal Friday night and we where chilling on the sofa in the joint activities hall at campus. The dining hall would open in just a couple of minutes and my tummy was rumbling. Just as we were about to get up David came running towards us. Slightly out of breath he asked us if we wanted to go to a free broadway show, we jumped at the opportunity. A few minutes later we found ourselves in Lucas' (the other amazing guy from activities) car riding to the train station. He explained what the musical was about since we had no idea. Apparently it had something to do with drag queens and Todrick Hall, which was all that I needed to know. I knew that would like it. Todrick Hall is a famous youtuber, from whom I had seen a lot of music video's and he is incredibly talented. The broadway show was called Kinky boots which might give you a hint of what the musical was about. It had it all, it was stupidly funny, stunning outfits, and the singing was unbelievably good. The company also made it all the better, they (David and Lucas) knew all the songs and I was so glad I got to experience this.

It had snowed during the night and after I had put on my glasses I could see a white blanket of snow covering all that was there to cover. Elien and I decided that we wanted to build a snowman. I asked my roommate Sofia (she is from Venezuela and had never build a snowman in her entire life) to help us build it. The snow was perfect and it turned out pretty good. Later on in the day some other student but a Trump mask on it's head. Well what'u gonna do 
In the evening Sofia and Luis (also from Venezuela) where making arepas and I was really curious to what it was. A buttery smell had filled the room by the time they had finished and I got to finally try it. I can't really describe the taste of it but it reminded me op popcorn, I surely liked it.

If you haven't seen the trailer of collateral beauty yet than stop reading this and go and watch it. It gave me the goosebumps the first time I saw it. We had reserved the best seats and where totally prepared to be amazed. About two hours later we were sobbing in tears, I had literally rivers flowing from my eyes. I loved every minute of it.

On Monday Renee, Elien, Sofia and I made chocchip cookies. Now that I am writing this I recognize that I had cookies last week also. Oh well I'll go to the gym tomorrow. They were extremely good though.

Bas' mom came to visit him this week and she invited us out to dinner on Tuesday. We went to sweetgrass, a really cute restaurant in Tarrytown. You have normal options but also some vegan one's, what Renee and I liked. I ordered the quinoa, kale and sweet potato burger, it was really good. As desert I shared a apple crumble pie thingy and vanilla bean ice cream with Renee, it was heavenly. And all the stories that we shared about Christmas made me truly exited for Xmas break!

Yours Faithfully,


A freezing day in NYC #NYCLife12

Monday, December 12, 2016


I used to think that bowling was a thing I could do. Well apparently not.
We decided to go to the mall on Saturday for Renee her birthday to go bowling. We got a smoothie and did some Christmas shopping. We bought a tiny cute silver tree and some decorations for our dorm room and it really got me in the Christmas spirit. Once we got to the bowling alley, we were only allowed to play one game because there was a party being held there later on. Bas was terrible at it so he lost. Yuma, whom I thought had never bowled before actually had, she became second to last. Then there was me perfectly in the middle... I threw one strike though. Renee ended up scoring second place and Elien got first place.
We went back to the campus and hung out for a little while, and soon it was late in the evening. On every floor of our campus building there is a lounge, we went to ours and waited till 12. Renee her helium balloons were a perfect entertainment. I sang her happy birthday, twerked with Bas and Iris, and laughed a lot. Probably because I was tired and also it was likely that the helium had effected my brain cells.

The alarm went of at 8:15 the next day. It was terrible, but somehow I did not feel as tired as I should have been if you look at the amount of sleep I got that night. Which was 4 by the way. It was unbearably cold outside and my ten layers of clothes did not keep me warm. However you can blame me for that because I do not own a beanie or cloves as of yet. David from the activities showed us around Harlem. Renee and I got a little private tour of the borough which was cool. He told us all about how Harlem isn't in reality that bad, generalization just made it up to be. The church where the gospel choir would be singing looked kind of moldy and abandoned from the outside, but when we entered the building that image was complete overruled by the golden decorations and chicly dressed up women and men. The whole thing lasted for over three hours and none of them were spend listening to the chior. I was kind a mad about it but on the other hand not really because it really was a experience so to speek. We walked out and saw at least thirty fire trucks and police cars outside. Apparently a building had collapsed. I felt sad, such a place of love like I had just seen deserves more than what there given.
I hadn't eaten the whole day yet because we were not able to have breakfast this morning, so you can imagine that I was very very hungry. Renee wanted to go to by CHLOE (you know the vegan place we always go to) but than the sweets version, it was her birthday after all. I ate the best cookie maybe ever there. It was a really big, warm and chewy on the inside crunchy on the outside chocchip cookie.
The plan was to go iceskating in Bryant Park, but the cold denied us the pleasure (seriously it felt like minus 20) so we decided to go to the movies since it would be warm there. We went to see the edge of seventeen because it was on our list of movies we wanted to watch. If you like sarcastic, dark and harsh humor you will love this movie. I did.
Even though it felt like we were on the north pole it was still a pretty good day to end the week.

Yours Faithfully,


My first ice hockey game #NYCLife11

Saturday, December 10, 2016

It will be Renee her birthday next week and she wanted to take some pictures before hand to put on her Instagram, which of course I wanted to help her with. We had planned to buy balloons for her and for me because than we could shoot some for my birthday as well. Unfortunately they did not have the eight anymore, *sad face*. However we did have a lot of fun with hers, it was quite obvious that it was her birthday(which actually it wasn't but we pretended it was for the fun of it), therefore a lot of random people wished her a happy birthday and recommended us the get wasted and spent a lot of money. Kind made me think about the whole purpose of prolonging the age of which you are allowed the legally drink to then get so bloody drunk that you brain matter gets destroyed anyway. Huh weird. After buying the balloons (which where ginormous by the way) we needed to find a bathroom for renee to change clothes in. We walked into a crowded Starbucks where we did not have any luck in finding it. We went through another door and suddenly stood in a lobby. There where to security guards sitting there who asked us if we needed to use the bathroom, which we did, whereafter they explained to us that there wasn't any. As disappointed as we where we gave them one last hopeful look, which granted us the question "Is it your birthday today?". He explained to us the way to the third-floor hidden toilet. We stepped into the elevator which had the tingly sound at the opening and closing point of the doors and the light that lit up green above the one who would arrive. I felt as if I was in a old movie. It took some looking around but we finally found the bathroom.
When we where done we greeted the guards, thanked them and headed on out. When we looked behind us we could see that we entered a real posh people building. We felt sort of special to have used that kind of gross, third-floor hidden toilet. Now Renee had her outfit on we could start shooting. It was a little hard because the place where we intended to shoot was occupied by a giant snow globe, we got the pictures though.
Ellen's Stardust diner is a restaurant just of Times square on broadway. I would not go there for the exquisite food (although the waffle fries where amazing) unless you really what the fatty salty American food. I would go there for the amazing experience. All of the waiters/waitresses are amazing singers, some more than others but still way better than your average person. Some of them have already been on broadway, some are still dreaming of someday making it. They sang everything from 'all the single ladies' to 'Les Miserable's: One day more', which almost made me cry, god I love Les Miz. Ten more birthday wishes later and we found ourselves back at the campus.

Ice hockey is a sport that I have always wanted to attend a game of, I don't no why but it just intrigues me. We where at the New York Rangers - Carolina Hurricanes game in Maddison Square Garden on Saturday. Once again we where surrounded by Dutch people. I do not no how or why but Renee and I always seem to find the people we definitely do not what to get in contact with while doing these types of things. Luckily for us there were also a lot of overwhelmingly loud screaming americans behind us. We where satisfied that we got a glimpse of the beer drinking, regrettably stupid mid twenties generation. The Rangers won with four against two. It was a great weekend of celebration our birthday's together even though not one of us where actually born on December the second. We just generally wanted to celebrate with each other that is why we renamed the 2nd of December as our joint birthday.
Yours Faithfully,


Equal right to love

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

'I think everybody should have the right to love whom ever they want to love'

'I totally agree. Do you think this will become harder since Trump is now the next president?'

'Personally I do not think so, I am worried though that the right to same sex marriage will change back to what it was.'

'Of course Trump wants everything to go back to the mostly white Christian community that America used to be.'

'Yes unfortunately. I am still doubtful about whether he will actually go forward with his plans. The Republicans do have majority in the congress, which does not improves the outlook for the future of the LGBT community in America.'

'I know I even heard that -I mean everybody knows Trump is Christian- that he wants to send people who are attracted to the same sex or trans people to camps where they are told that it is wrong and he wants to "make them better" in the sense of making them straight again. How do you feel about that?'

Thanksgiving #NYCLife10

Monday, November 28, 2016

A friend of Renee was in the city this week and they decided to out for dinner together. She was with someone, so naturally Renee invited me along. I had expected it to be kind of awkward, like these kind of things usually tend to be but I was pleasantly surprised. We still had to get past my age since I've always had the struggle here on my gap year that I am actually younger than most people think, which is annoying. Luckily it didn't seem to bother them that much. We met at Renee's and mine favorite new cafe, which is more like a healthy snack bar called by CHLOE. We ate dinner talked a lot about school and what we wanted to do later on in our life. We had planned to go to Bryant Park because they hadn't got the change to go and see it yet. We sauntered past many little shops only going in to escape the harsh cold for a couple of minutes. It is fun because you can say whatever you want to say even if it is really really rude because nobody will understand it anyway. I will have to get used to being more polite when I get home.

This week was Thanksgiving weekend only we didn't really do a lot of thanks giving itself. We planned to go to a local family to have dinner, but then it turned out that the discount shopping started on Thursday, and we found that a little bit more important, because the lady behind the support register at our shopping mall said that a lot of items would likely to be gone on Friday. The apple pie that we were told to buy for the host family became of no use to us, which was a shame, but we decided that we would give it to the homeless people once we got to the city. Our plan was to go to the movies on Thursday, (Thanksgiving day) which we did. We saw the new Disney movie Moana, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And then later we would go shopping until 11:30 pm, then we would get on the latest train to the city and continue our shopping spree there.
The clock just turned 10 when we decided we had had enough and called the cap to pick us up. We sung Adele on the way back and were very satisfied with the result of our shopping day. On Black Friday itself we didn't do any shopping, we just went to the gym. Saturday was a lazy day, and Sunday we went out to get froyo in Tarrytown.
As you may have noticed we never made it to the city and had to throw our pie away. It made me sad but at least we tried to do a good thing right? 

Yours Faithfully,



Friday, November 25, 2016

What does it take to be you?

Have you ever noticed that
the grumpier you are,
the more assholes you meet.

Let me give you some advice;
if you can't change your fate,
change your attitude.
Happiness begins with you.
Not with your relationship,
your friends, or your job.
But with you.

Do not change yourself to belong in the city.
Therefore you should ask yourself,
if I could be anyone
would I choose to be myself.
And if the answer is no
I hope you find a way,
to be yourself someday.
Because in the end
You are your longest commitment.

The concrete jungle is a city for change,
change is inevitable.
No matter if it is good or bad,
change is one of the few things in life
you can always rely on.
Do not fear it, but feel reassured
you won't be the same person twice.
Because in the end
everything in life that is constant,
is change.

Try to better yourself.
Do good and be good,
but know the difference between
people who do good
and good people.
However do not overthink,
it wil destroy your mood.
Just breathe and let go,
and remember that in the end,

Hope springs eternal.

On top of the world #NYCLife9

Monday, November 21, 2016

The things you feel when you are standing on top of the world while watching the sunset are almost indescribable. You hear immense power coming for underneath you, and at the same time the peaceful quietness that being so high produces. Bas, Renee, Elien and I stood on top of the rock watching the sunset for about three hours. We left because we had to, not because we necessarily wanted to. Earlier on we had decided that we wanted to pay Bryant park a visit. When we arrived the lovely smell of all lot of food stalls selling the most outrages types of fries and crazy combinations of pastries which made my mouth water. Our tummies rumbled and we headed to the place we wanted to have dinner at. I had heard of by CHLOE before, I found it on Instagram and knew immediately I wanted to have dinner there. I got the guac burger with sweet potato fries. It was the best meal I had had in a long time. If it were up to me I would eat there everyday.

I have always been an Harry Potter fan, so when I heard there would be a prequel movie of the great serie,s I knew I had to see it. So therefore my team and I went to the nearest shopping mall. First we got a smoothie, which was amazing by the way, then we tried on some clothes so that we would know which size to buy on Black Friday. The theater was all that I had expected it to be and more. First of all, the great hall was exactly what you see in the movies, but the chairs, ma god, those deserve there own sentence. The first thing you notice when you gazed upon there beauty is their puffiness. It feels like sitting on a cloud. Then if you think you are sitting up to straight, no need to worry because you can press a button and you are in sleeping position. But then of course your legs might not be comfortable. Well there is a button for that too. It whips up a leg supporter, the one you see on a old mans chair. Trust me it was easily to say the most heavenly sitting/laying experience I have had at the movies, ever. The film was fantastic by the way. All the memories from my childhood reemerged from my brain. I had a little mental breakdown about the end of the movie. Which I mean in a good way. No need to worry I won't spoil it for you.
Afterwards we had dinner at the cheesecake factory. I had again a veggie burger. It was really good. But the best part of dinner was of course the cheesecake. The oreo cheesecake was the one I went for, and it did not disappoint. Yes, it was a good week.

Yours Faithfully,


Autumn Colours

Friday, November 18, 2016 NYC

"Art is a harmony parallel with nature."

The elections #NYCLife8

Monday, November 14, 2016

It was a dark day for all of us. The unthinkable became real. The unimaginable became reality. The thing all Americans with brains feared would happen, happend.
Although we had talked about it a great deal in class over the last months, it still felt unreal. We started watching it on a big screen in the movie theater here on campus with a lot of students. It was about half past nine. At eleven Trump was still in the lead when we moved to the lounge. We got kind of bored at around twelve, not knowing we still had a long way to go. We played some stupid games, irritated each other, laughed a bunch. And then a couple of guys joined us. They were joking about Trump becoming president. Well two of them were joking, the other guy I am not so sure about. Then we got kicked out and went to our room. Finally, at three thirty am, the night ended. It was a horrible one. Trump became the most powerful man in the world. Everybody was shocked; everybody was scared; the dollar went up; Canada's immigration site crashed;  and orange became officially the new black.
Soon after, my roommate jumped out of bed because of a immensely big bug that she had found crawling near her head. If that isn't a sign I don't know what is.

The protesters were still going on when we arrived in New York on Saturday. We didn't notice any differences at first so we decided to check out a cool part of the city called Greenwich Village. The Village is a really popular neighborhood for young people. You have for example have a gay area where you can find everything from 'the amazingly gay ice-cream shop' to 'the wine and dine'. The rainbow flag fluttered in the wind and all seemed well in the world. It wasn't until the sun went down and we approached the Trump Tower that things took a toll for the worst. We could hear the riots from all the way down the street. When we got closer it was clear to us that the people demonstrating were the last of the bunch. Everything had died down a bit already. Some decided to go marching and they went uptown directly the way we were going. It looked like a fun-ish idea to march along side them. They shouted all the things you've probably heard said about president elect. I was impressed about how united it felt in such an divided country.

Sunday the team and I went to the gym. I did a little running, some ab workouts and a bit of rope jumping. Afterwards we went to breakfast which tasted as plain as usual.
The weather felt unusually warm when we went into the forrest. We took a couple of pictures; watched Harry Potter; were disappointed by the super moon and went to bed.
All in all it was a strange week with a lot of mixed feelings.

Yours Faithfully,


Volunteering #NYCLife7

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


This week wasn't the most eventful week. I just did a lot of doing nothing. What I did do was volunteering. EF had organized a registration plan where you could easily sign up to participate. Renee and me really wanted to do some volunteering since it looks good on your resume, but when we heard what Light The Night was about we forgot that completely. LTN is a charity walk for cancer survivors, patients, and just in general to raise money for research. We were at the lantern give away point. There were there kinds of lanterns. The first color was red, which was meant for all the supporters. The second was white for all the survivors and patients. And the third and final, the one I was at, was yellow. It stood for all the people walking in memory of someone. I had anticipated that it would be quite difficult to be at this end of the table. You know, everyone who will come up to me will have lost someone and is now here to represent them in loving memory. Soon we got the hang of it though. It was inspiring to see all the people be so loving towards me and the whole occasion. I think we stood there for a solid four hours and we definitely felt that in our backs and feet. I got dark pretty soon and when everything lit up, it felt rather magical. At the end of the night there were fireworks and it felt amazing to be part of something with this much meaning to it.
We walked back to the volunteer stand, and heard that there were al lot of snacks left un eaten. You do not have to say that twice. We took samples of everything and decided which ones were worth it to take with us. Like starving dogs we (and we were with about 30) all grabbed as much as we could possibly carry and set off on the journey to the bus. It was not the most pleasant of things, carrying a box full of chips and on top a 24 pack of water. I had shoulder myalgia the next day.

On sunday we hit the road to the nearby forrest to take some pictures. I had forgotten my extra camera battery and the sun set relatively fast. Which made it not our greatest of mission.
We watched the Da Vinci Conde. Oddly enough it all made somewhat sense to me after my conspiracy theory translator Bas explained it all. The movie made me question a lot of things. And than we went to bed with a satisfactory feeling.

Yours Faithfully,


A halloweeny weekend #NYCLife6

Monday, October 31, 2016

You are probably guessing that this post is going to be about Halloween. Even though it is, I would actually summarize it as an week of "waiting an eternity". It started on Wednesday, I thought we had missed the Haunted House on campus but it turned out that it was open for two days. Therefore my two comrades and me were very excited. But as we approached the area where it was supposed to take place we were sadly surprised by how long of a line there was to get in. I mean it was just organized by the campus so how long could it take, right? Well the answer was quite long, two dreadful hours of waiting in the freezing cold long. But that held us back, I was still looking forward to it. These kind of things never scare me really, I am to much of an realistic person to actually believe in this stuff. My company on the other hand felt rather negative feelings about the whole thing, which made things even more fun, for me. As we tiptoed in we were amazed by all the decorations, they put a lot of effort in it. Although it wasn't scary because you could recognize all the faces it was still fun. I got a good (jump)scare and laugh out of the whole situation.

Trial, Error, Triumph

Friday, October 28, 2016

What does it take to be a New Yorker?

A New Yorker is one who seeks adventure,
one who reeks success,
one who never stops until every goal is utterly fulfilled.
which takes tact,
the ability to tell someone to go to hell
in such a way they look forward to the trip.

And if you do not have what it takes
you work as hard as you can until you do.
Because there is always someone better than you,
more successful than you.
Thus you get up and start over again,
If it is important enough you will find a way,
if it is not, you will find an excuse.

However sometimes you have to take a step back,
and realize,
today is a good day,
for a good day.
So say to yourself little citizen
'I might not be the best at what I do
but only I am the best at being me.'
Because the best way to take care of the future,
is to take care of the present moment.

It takes a smart someone,
to understand this undertaking,
and I am not talking about the obvious astuteness.
Because the greatest enemy of knowledge
is not ignorance,
it is the illusion of knowledge.

So if you can survive the constant rush,
the continuous fight,
the endless running,
and the battle with your greatest enemy;
You my friend can call yourself,
a true citizen of the great city of glass.

New York

The MoMA

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 NYC

"It is the simplicity that counts, because sometimes simple things stand out."


A sunny day at Coney Island #NYCLife5

Sunday, October 23, 2016

This week was themed photography even more so than others. The first event happend on Tuesday when the girls and me went to Coney Island. It was a very sunny day in the middle of October. I mean it should be autumn but the weather decided to prolong that insurmountable fact a day. So we got on the train whereafter we took the subway to the Island. I took us about 2 hours to get there and when we finally did, everything was closed. Although because of that it wasn't worth the long trip, we made the most of it. We walked the promenade, bought some ice cream and took some pictures. Soon we had seen all that was there to see and went back. I had already gotten great news so it did't matter to me anymore. I guess that you wouldn't either if you knew you would go to a free broadway shows. And above all we got to see Matilda, the only one we still really wanted to see. Flash back to last week when we decided to go to more broadway shows, well we made good on that promise. First stopping for some shots of Times Square, and thereafter Matilda. The day couldn't turn around for the bettering more than it already did. Well that was wrong, because us two lucky girls had seat in the middle and quite near the stage actually. We kind of freaked. The musical was amazing as was aspected of it and the day well it was just one of those amazing ones in the city.


On Thursday I had my first meeting with the photography club. The girls were all very nice and we took al lot, like really a lot of polaroids. I got an assignment for it you will see more of that later. Saturday was a rainy day, sadly autumn did arrive. We made the best of it though. The MoMA was on our to do list and since you don't need great weather for musea that was what we were going to do. If you did't know this about me, well you do now. I love art. I love all forms of it. I love writing, taking pictures, drawing, listening to music and dancing on it. I like looking at it too. So imagine all of it being combined in one day. (Except the dancing, I did not do the dancing part) Yes, that is exactly what I thought. I'll give you a preview of the pictures that we made that day, but more will come next Thursday. Some are already on my second Instragram: theultimategapyear.  

Yours Faithfully, 



Broadway and a Concert #NYCLife4

Sunday, October 16, 2016

It was a Progress week, which means they were going to test your capabilities and the things you had learned in the past weeks. On Monday I had an writing test and on Tuesday Grammar, listening and reading. Luckily the whole class passed and we are all going to level C2.2. I rather like my class, they all are very friendly. The half of them are Sweden, a couple from Argentina one from Mexico, one from Belgium and three including me from The Netherlands. We mostly just talk during classes, which improves my speach and pronunciation. I really enjoy going to classes because of that.

On Wednesday we went to The Lion King. I hope everyone gets to experience a musical like that once in their life time, because let me tell you it was indescribable. We arrived on times square via bus. And not just any bus, no a typical american school bus. That was definitely something. Surely because we were always the tourist, and now people were taking pictures of us. But to stay on the topic. I had goose bumps the whole time, from when first the incredibly made animals came onto the stage until the new Simba was being held in the sky by Rafiki. I was on the tip of my chair watching with full concentration. I was loving every minute of it. I might even have been so dissolved in the show that I didn't realize where I was. But when we walked outside, and you could see the never boring and always brightly lit times square it hit me. I just saw a broadway show from one of my favorite Disney films ever. When I was very young I saw it too. At that time I thought it  could not get better than what I had just seen. But Oh Boy, I couldn't be more wrong. From the fantastic costumes and decores to the most greatest singers and dancers, it was ten, no it was a hundred times better. Trust me I never cry and even I got teary eyed when Mufasa died. While that might not do it for you I will now state a more convincing fact for you. My roommate, partner in crime and everything else; Renee is a real musical lover, and when I say musical lover I mean she has seen about every one there is so she knows some things about musicals. And even she was crying continuously from the dark moment when the great king died till the lights came on. We then decided that this was not going to be our last Broadway show. And so the night ended.


On Saturday at 5pm we were headed back into the city in that same school bus, but not for a musical, no for a different type of show. We were going to Tidal. Tidal is a concert where a variety of artist perform. Let's for fun just name a few. We saw Prince Royce, DNCE, Emeli Sande, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, and the queen of all queens Beyonce. Oh and a lot of rappers but I forgot most of their names, sorry. We danced, we sang and laughed our buts off. To keep it short we had an amazing time. We saw Nicki shake her butt and Alicia sing it off. We saw Prince and Joe giving a real performance and Beyonce just slayed us all. On the bus ride home we found the time to have deep conversations about life, I don't know why but  the day was just right.

Oh and forgot to talk about it last weeks post. we found the most amazing Christmas store ever! I'll just leave you with some pictures, those say enough.

Yours Faithfully,


Exploring the city #NYCLife3

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Week three went by so fast I can barely remember what happened. Well actually not really that much happened. We attempted to do the laundry. That was an adventure. Certainly because we, luckily just in time, found out that we didn't buy laundry pods but dishwashing pods. Besides the obvious big white dining plate on the front of the package and the prevailing smell of dishwasher that did not ring a bell. It worked out though, we just stole some from our roommate. Don't worry we will replace them, one day probably. Furthermore, on Saturday we went into the city and made some really beautiful pictures.


It was a rather spontaneous idea really. We just got up went to breakfast had a shower and headed to Friday's language lecture. After about 45 minutes and playing about an estimated of 100 Fruit Ninja rounds, I decided that we were not going to spent this beautiful day sitting inside doing close to  nothing. It took some persuasion because we had planned a shopping trip the next day, but I stated that we could do that the day after. So we got up, ran to our room, packed our suitcase and ran to the train station. And yes we did bring a suitcase full of clothes, don't judge.
Once in Grand Central we first had to go to the Brooklyn Bridge by Subway, which we had never done before. In contradiction to what I had imagined it went rather smoothly. And two hours after the defining moment we stood there, on the Brooklyn Bridge.
I had seen the great iron and brick structure bridge before, nonetheless I was still amazed.
It took us more than 2 hours to cross the bridge, just constantly stopping to take pictures. God it was just too beautiful to capture it in one single photograph. If I think about it we probably made like 1000 photographs that day.


We got a little lost when we first entered Brooklyn. You can't really blame us, our minds weren't really working properly anymore from all the impressions. Plus we were extremely hungry and thirsty, and had to use the bathroom as soon as possible. Fun Fact; we never found one. After eating our delicious acai bowl, we walked to the Brooklyn Heights. The Heights is a long promenade from where you can see the Manhattan skyline. Before taking pictures we had to change outfits. We found a somewhat sheltered place between some foliage. Let's say it was an adventure. In the end everything was worth it though. We got to admire the sunset amongst hundreds of New Yorkers. Trust me at times like those it is hard to grasp life for what it is. A good friend and the concrete city is all it took to make that day unforgettable.

Yours Faithfully,


Feeling like Blair and Serena #NYCLife2

Sunday, October 2, 2016

It wasn’t the most eventfull week, but it was one to mention. Last week I changed my spin classes giving me a lot of free time. Despite of that I didn’t do much with it. Mostly I had to fill in forms for my studies. Well first I had to find some studies that I am actually interested in. And after that I needed to fill in applications so that I can find myself a house in Amsterdam. That is where I want to study in case you didn’t know.

On wednesday things turned around for the better. Or so I thought.. EF organized A trip to the Yankees game. It looked like everybody was going,  the train almost bursted of all the people in it. I was really excited though, and looking all ready in my Yankees cap and customized vest. Me and my friend even decided to get fries, which we never do. And it was all fun, but than it started to shower. I mean not rain rain, more like a slight drizzle. However, it was enough to dempen the mood a little. Oh and the cold, do not let me get started on how cold it was because it was almost unbearably cold. But we, being to complete troopers that we are, found the strength to carry on. It’s not every day you are at a baseball game in New York City. But than as time went on the game got more boring and boring, and soon we found ourselves sitting in the back of the stadium hiding from the rain. Literally nothing was happening, at all. So soon after, we got up and headed back home. Later to realize that we missed possibly one of the greatest games in the season yet… Because in the last fifteen minutes the Yankees decided to score a grand slam. As you might have guessed, now I was really pissed. Seriously, It is said about me that I sometimes suffer from FOMO. I had a real hard time coping with that. 

On Saturday we went to the Met Museum. Like the fan girls that we are, we ,as you do, held a little photoshoot on the gossip girls stairs. Only the yoghurt was missing, otherwise we would have been Blair & Serena 2.0. Afterwards we did go into the museum. We kind of head to only if it was just for 1.5 hours. It wasn’t that special, but maybe that was our fault. Well I am almost certain that it was. 
All in all it was a pretty good week.
Yours faithfully,

A concert and the skyline #NYCLife1

Sunday, September 25, 2016

My first week went rather smoothly. I made a lot of new friends on the plane, the bus ride to the campus and during class. One of them who, even decided to change dorms so we could be roommates. my other roommate is quite shy, or she just doesn’t speak English very well. I think I’ll go with the last one. She is really sweet though. Always makes her bed, even helped us decorate the place.
All the food here is better than I had suspected, not great, not gross. That is probably all I have to say about that.
About trips... I took a lot of them already. Twice to the shopping mall, thereby  my savings are at a low. Luckily I’ll get money from my parents at the beginning of the month. Last Saturday I went to Global Citizen, that is a festival for charity and to raise awarenes for women’s rights. A lot of celebrities were there to perform including Major Lazer, Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna. With the city skyline behind us and the blasting of music, good vibes and friends it was a day to remember. 
Yours Faithfully,


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