Trial, Error, Triumph

What does it take to be a New Yorker?

A New Yorker is one who seeks adventure,
one who reeks success,
one who never stops until every goal is utterly fulfilled.
which takes tact,
the ability to tell someone to go to hell
in such a way they look forward to the trip.

And if you do not have what it takes
you work as hard as you can until you do.
Because there is always someone better than you,
more successful than you.
Thus you get up and start over again,
If it is important enough you will find a way,
if it is not, you will find an excuse.

However sometimes you have to take a step back,
and realize,
today is a good day,
for a good day.
So say to yourself little citizen
'I might not be the best at what I do
but only I am the best at being me.'
Because the best way to take care of the future,
is to take care of the present moment.

It takes a smart someone,
to understand this undertaking,
and I am not talking about the obvious astuteness.
Because the greatest enemy of knowledge
is not ignorance,
it is the illusion of knowledge.

So if you can survive the constant rush,
the continuous fight,
the endless running,
and the battle with your greatest enemy;
You my friend can call yourself,
a true citizen of the great city of glass.

New York


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