Broadway and a Concert #NYCLife4

It was a Progress week, which means they were going to test your capabilities and the things you had learned in the past weeks. On Monday I had an writing test and on Tuesday Grammar, listening and reading. Luckily the whole class passed and we are all going to level C2.2. I rather like my class, they all are very friendly. The half of them are Sweden, a couple from Argentina one from Mexico, one from Belgium and three including me from The Netherlands. We mostly just talk during classes, which improves my speach and pronunciation. I really enjoy going to classes because of that.

On Wednesday we went to The Lion King. I hope everyone gets to experience a musical like that once in their life time, because let me tell you it was indescribable. We arrived on times square via bus. And not just any bus, no a typical american school bus. That was definitely something. Surely because we were always the tourist, and now people were taking pictures of us. But to stay on the topic. I had goose bumps the whole time, from when first the incredibly made animals came onto the stage until the new Simba was being held in the sky by Rafiki. I was on the tip of my chair watching with full concentration. I was loving every minute of it. I might even have been so dissolved in the show that I didn't realize where I was. But when we walked outside, and you could see the never boring and always brightly lit times square it hit me. I just saw a broadway show from one of my favorite Disney films ever. When I was very young I saw it too. At that time I thought it  could not get better than what I had just seen. But Oh Boy, I couldn't be more wrong. From the fantastic costumes and decores to the most greatest singers and dancers, it was ten, no it was a hundred times better. Trust me I never cry and even I got teary eyed when Mufasa died. While that might not do it for you I will now state a more convincing fact for you. My roommate, partner in crime and everything else; Renee is a real musical lover, and when I say musical lover I mean she has seen about every one there is so she knows some things about musicals. And even she was crying continuously from the dark moment when the great king died till the lights came on. We then decided that this was not going to be our last Broadway show. And so the night ended.


On Saturday at 5pm we were headed back into the city in that same school bus, but not for a musical, no for a different type of show. We were going to Tidal. Tidal is a concert where a variety of artist perform. Let's for fun just name a few. We saw Prince Royce, DNCE, Emeli Sande, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, and the queen of all queens Beyonce. Oh and a lot of rappers but I forgot most of their names, sorry. We danced, we sang and laughed our buts off. To keep it short we had an amazing time. We saw Nicki shake her butt and Alicia sing it off. We saw Prince and Joe giving a real performance and Beyonce just slayed us all. On the bus ride home we found the time to have deep conversations about life, I don't know why but  the day was just right.

Oh and forgot to talk about it last weeks post. we found the most amazing Christmas store ever! I'll just leave you with some pictures, those say enough.

Yours Faithfully,



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