What does it take to be you?

Have you ever noticed that
the grumpier you are,
the more assholes you meet.

Let me give you some advice;
if you can't change your fate,
change your attitude.
Happiness begins with you.
Not with your relationship,
your friends, or your job.
But with you.

Do not change yourself to belong in the city.
Therefore you should ask yourself,
if I could be anyone
would I choose to be myself.
And if the answer is no
I hope you find a way,
to be yourself someday.
Because in the end
You are your longest commitment.

The concrete jungle is a city for change,
change is inevitable.
No matter if it is good or bad,
change is one of the few things in life
you can always rely on.
Do not fear it, but feel reassured
you won't be the same person twice.
Because in the end
everything in life that is constant,
is change.

Try to better yourself.
Do good and be good,
but know the difference between
people who do good
and good people.
However do not overthink,
it wil destroy your mood.
Just breathe and let go,
and remember that in the end,

Hope springs eternal.


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