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Christmas in New York #NYCLife14

No more school for two weeks felt pretty good. No early morning and more of the big city. However we spent our first free day, Saturday, in Tarrytown. We really wanted to get our nails done for christmas, since it is kind of a typical and cheep thing to do here. When we walked in, we felt out of place. Literally everybody was looking at us and we had no idea what to do with ourselves. Which ultimately led to us just standing there awkwardly in the middle of the shop. After some time we got some directions by pointing fingers from the Chinese staff at the chairs where we were supposed to take a seat. They had run a warm foot bath for us and from there it was a lovely relaxing experience. I got red on my toes and dark green on my hands, very christmassy if I say so myself. We got lunch at a local cafe called Mint. Renee and I shared the mozzarella pesto pannini and a fruit platter, both very enjoyable. On Sunday we went to Manhattan. It was a cold Christmas day w

Food and unexpected things #NYCLife13

It was a normal Friday night and we where chilling on the sofa in the joint activities hall at campus. The dining hall would open in just a couple of minutes and my tummy was rumbling. Just as we were about to get up David came running towards us. Slightly out of breath he asked us if we wanted to go to a free broadway show, we jumped at the opportunity. A few minutes later we found ourselves in Lucas' (the other amazing guy from activities) car riding to the train station. He explained what the musical was about since we had no idea. Apparently it had something to do with drag queens and Todrick Hall, which was all that I needed to know. I knew that would like it. Todrick Hall is a famous youtuber, from whom I had seen a lot of music video's and he is incredibly talented. The broadway show was called Kinky boots which might give you a hint of what the musical was about. It had it all, it was stupidly funny, stunning outfits, and the singing was unbelievably good. The compa

A freezing day in NYC #NYCLife12

   I used to think that bowling was a thing I could do. Well apparently not. We decided to go to the mall on Saturday for Renee her birthday to go bowling. We got a smoothie and did some Christmas shopping. We bought a tiny cute silver tree and some decorations for our dorm room and it really got me in the Christmas spirit. Once we got to the bowling alley, we were only allowed to play one game because there was a party being held there later on. Bas was terrible at it so he lost. Yuma, whom I thought had never bowled before actually had, she became second to last. Then there was me perfectly in the middle... I threw one strike though. Renee ended up scoring second place and Elien got first place. We went back to the campus and hung out for a little while, and soon it was late in the evening. On every floor of our campus building there is a lounge, we went to ours and waited till 12. Renee her helium balloons were a perfect entertainment. I sang her happy birthday, twerked with B

My first ice hockey game #NYCLife11

It will be Renee her birthday next week and she wanted to take some pictures before hand to put on her Instagram, which of course I wanted to help her with. We had planned to buy balloons for her and for me because than we could shoot some for my birthday as well. Unfortunately they did not have the eight anymore, *sad face*. However we did have a lot of fun with hers, it was quite obvious that it was her birthday(which actually it wasn't but we pretended it was for the fun of it), therefore a lot of random people wished her a happy birthday and recommended us the get wasted and spent a lot of money. Kind made me think about the whole purpose of prolonging the age of which you are allowed the legally drink to then get so bloody drunk that you brain matter gets destroyed anyway. Huh weird. After buying the balloons (which where ginormous by the way) we needed to find a bathroom for renee to change clothes in. We walked into a crowded Starbucks where we did not have any luck in f