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Friday, August 18, 2017

Budapest the hidden treasure

Monday, August 7, 2017

What a heck of a trip this was, probably everything that could've gone wrong, did. Nonetheless I must say this was one of the best trips I've had so far.
It all started when I came back from America, me and my two besties met up and decided to go on a holiday. We wanted to go sight-seeing in a city in a warm country where you also had a good party scene. Fortunately enough we had heard a lot of good things about Budapest, so the decision was easily made. We booked the trip there and then.
We where flying via Brussel since that was a lot cheaper, or so we thought... We arrived at Brussel airport only to discover we where at the wrong one! We had to take a cab, which wasn't cheap, to go to Brussel Chareloi the most crappiest airport ever where only to companies flew from. I think you could guess we where quite mad. We almost missed our flight to, the only reason we didn't was because it was delayed 15 minutes. When we were finally in our apartment, we went straight to bed.

The first day, we went to have breakfast at this really cute place. They served mostly all kinds of vegan pies and had a lot of different musli options. We ate our bellies full with the delicious healthy food and started the day of right. After that we went to go see the Sint-Stefanusbasiliek, it's a really beautiful church fully decorated with gold, marble and all sort of holy paintings.
We went to the panorama top from where you got a good look over the whole city. Definitely a must do.
Since we decided that we wanted to have breakfast at the apartment. We did some grocery shopping at the great market hall, where you had all you needed to make a tasteful meal. We looked around, bought our food and went home. For dinner we went to this vegan restaurant called; Sunshine restaurant an confectionary. I had without a doubt the best vegan pizza I've ever tasted, the falafel/hummus platter and pesto pasta we tried are definitely worth mentioning as well. Afterwards we went home and crashed.

The second day we scoured the Buda side of the city, I think I was most impressed with the immensely detailed orange, green and yellow roof of the Buda castle. Since it was hot we did everything slowly, had a long lunch and late dinner. In de evening we decided to go out to one of the ruin bars. It was a very nice club, you had a lot of different bars, a dance area and an open area, it was an amazing night.


The next day we wanted to relax so we took a early morning spa day. Budapest is famous for it's thermal baths, the Gellert hotel having one of the most beautiful ones. It was a super chill morning an got us ready for the rest of the day. We went shopping
in the afternoon and we all found some nice things.

The fourth day we went to see the parlement, it is a huge white rock building with purple rooftops. Absolutely a must see, same as the WW|| Memorial; shoes along the Donau which is right behind the parlement. It is crazy to think what happend there, people being shot in the head and into the river swapped away by the current to the end of the river, only to become a mass grave full of empty bodies who where only killed because they happend to jewish. We found the shoes the size of probably not even a ten year old, it struck us how people where capable of doing such terrible deeds. Try to imagine standing there not even really knowing what it is to live, and never finding out because your life ends right there on the side of the river before it has even started.

On the last day we got a late brunch at the New York Cafe, it one of the pretties old coffee houses in budapest. I must say it is not cheap but I thing it is totally worth a visit. The venue is stunning, it has all the golden details, beautiful paintings, twisted pillars and brightly shining chandeliers and on top of that there is live music. It varies between a improvising pianist and a well trained mini orchestra. It was amazing, although you can't get vegan food here there are enough veg-options or items they can make vegetarian for you. It was a lovely end of our trip.

But we weren't done yet, we still got some drama coming. I'm going to keep this brief since I'm already so done with this part, but I feel like I need to mention it. We found out that we wouldn't make our last train back to The Netherlands, so we were stuck at the airport in Brussel. We tried to hitch hike, but no Dutch person is crazy enough to travel all the way via Brussel, which of course is logical. So that meant we had to stay the night, luckily I had messaged my dear friend Elien before hand and we could sleep at hers. It all worked out, but please remind me to never travel via Brussel ever again!

Yours Faithfully,


My Fav Vegan places in NYC N.02

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Overall 4,4
Food 5
Venue 4
Location 4,3

This must be my favorite off all, it was my go to and therefore I tried almost the whole menu. Spoiler alert; I liked it all! The guac veggie burger is amazing seriously I could it every day. It's nice and creamy especially with fries (sweet potato, or normal) and a beet ketchup or spicy mayo you're all set. The hot dog is very good, fresh and spicy at the same time. The pesto pasta is precisely the right amount of pesto, but if cilantro isn't your fav let this one slide. The mac and cheese, Oh my god it's the best I've ever had, even better than the 'real' one in my opinion. They but some smoked mushroom on it, how they do it is a mystery but it tasted EXACTLY like bacon. The purple smoothie is creamy, sweet, fruity and nicely filling. The quinoa salad must be my favorite of all. It is loaded with all the good stuff, you get quinoa which on it's own is already good. Even more you get avocado, tomatoes, crunchy chips, lettuce and spicy 'ground beef'. This combo gives a fresh but still filling and flavored salad.
You have multiple (5 (soon 7)) locations (google your closest), the ones I visited, the Flatiron, the other in Greenwich Village. Both easy to acces. They are all very cool decorated, I personally love the hipstery style they go with. It's almost always busy, the only downside, but is it really? It shows it's good! trust me just wait a lil, it's worth it.

By CHLOE Sweets

Overall 3,8
Food 4,5
Venue 3
Location 4,3

Can it get any better than a vegan bakery? YES, because it's from by chloe. If you feel like a lil dessert or even a whole cake your wish is granted at this place. It's right next to by chloe's greenwich village location, perfect right?! The chocolate chip cookies are chewy, soft and extremely delicious. the cupcakes are good too, but not special. The pecan pie is nutty, the caramel is perfect and just the right amount of sweet. They also sell coffee and other beverages, if necessary with soy, almond and coconut milk option. 
It is quite small, but there is outside seating. Cute decoration, quite like the main locations. 


Food 4,6
Venue 4
Location 4,7
Overall 4,4

At this restaurant I got once again a veggie burger, it was a normal cheese burger. The burger was fantastic, it was nice and juicy, I could've sworn it was real meat. It was the best fake meat vegan burger I've tried so far. Also the vegan cheese was a nice bonus, moreover it was just a normal burger.
The venue is very nice for a date or family dinner, and very close to union square. 


Food 4,2
Venue 3,5
Location 4
Overall 3,9

I was told to get the lasagna, so that's what I did and I was glad that I followed up the recommendation. The lasagna tasted precisely like 'real' lasagna even a meat eater said so, it was very filling though. The truffle risotto is also a good choice.
The restaurant is perfect for a date, but even with friends it's a nice comfortable place, a little pricy. 

Beyond sushi

Overall 3,2
Food 4,2
Venue 2,5
Location 3

Mango roll was really good, nice flavor and texture. The perfect combo between sweet and savory.
Green roll different than what I've ever had. It is made with a pesto sauce, and the top gets caramelized. Dumplings are good as well, they're made with tofu and mushroom. In comparison with the rest of the food not that special.
It's located in a very small room not very cosy, and the waitress wasn't very kind or patient. But hey maybe she just had a bad day. The food is worth it though, but maybe get it to go.
A little walk to get there but not to far from the flatiron building or subway. 

Yours Faithfully,


disclaimer; all pictures and opinion are my own 

My Fav Vegan places in NYC N.01

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Since most of you know, if you've read my previous blog, that I'm mostly vegan. Therefore I was almost obliged to check out New York's best vegan food places. I'll elaborate on some more the others, due too the amount of food I had there or what my experience was. Disclaimer; all pictures and opinions are my own.

Butchers daughter

Overall 4,2
Venue 4
Food 4,7
Location 3

For my drink I had the mango slatsi smoothie which was very silky, smooth and definitely pleasing. As a starter I shared the quac dip with bread with Renee. You got a overload of avocado what we very much enjoyed, it had enough flavour without to much added salt and pepper, always good! It is something I would surely choose as a snack any time. 
For dinner we shared the burger and raw zucchini spaghetti. I count myself as a veggie burger know-it-all since I've head a lot of them in my life. As most of them tend to be quite dry this one was too. But I liked that it was a bit spicy and the vegan cheese was truly an added bonus. I had never had such 'spaghetti' before. I love normal wheat pasta so I was kind of hasitend but Oh boy what was I pleasantly surprised. It was so good I would give it 5 stars.

The location is nearby A subway station which makes it easy to find. However it isn't a very clean neighborhood in China town but the restaurant itself is totally the opposite of that.

You walk into a very modern hipster little corner cafe where you sit on moving crutches at window bars. It is full with cute succulent plants, all sorts of wooden things and baskets of fruit. If you need to use the bathroom don't worry they've got you covered, it is nicely designed as well and if you don't need to just go and wash you hands. Next door there is also a market where you can buy the ingredients, very nice right! 

All in all it was a restaurant where I would surely go again for lunch or dinner (they have a broader selection of meals after 5pm) to check out more of what they have to offer! 


Overall 3,7
Venue 4
Food 4,2
Location 3

I went for the Vanilla sprinkle doughnut, quite boring in comparison to the rest they had but I was just feeling it. The dough was really soft and just perfect, the doughnut wasn't very vanillary, but it didn't matter it was just a good classical doughnut. The shop was cute, really nice to have a midday convo with some coffee or get some work done or your laptop. It is located in a cool part of Brooklyn, a little harder to find if you're not familiar, but hey that's why maps exists right. 

Champs diner

Venue 4,3
Food 4,1
Location 4,6
Overall 4,3 

I got the Bananarama pancakes, and I can highly recommend them. The Coconut whipcream was a very nice creamy surprise and the chocolate pieces are just sweet goodness. After that I got the Frensh toast slam, which was really interesting. The Tofu tasted almost exactly like egg and the bacon was nice and smokey. 
It is the cool neighboorhood Buchwick in Brooklyn. The diner is kind of grungy chic, you have cool black booths, walls of glass and helpful, friendly waitresses.  Definitely not hard to find as well.

The cinnamon snail

Food 4
Venue 3
Location 4
Overall 3,7

I got the coconut & basil doughnut, the frosting was amazing but the dough was a little bit dry unfortunately.
It is located nearby a very big subway station, therefore really easy to find. The cafe it self was decorated nicely and there was a lot of seating space but it was more grab and go, which doesn't have preference. 

Yours Faithfully,


Me and my shadow

Sunday, July 2, 2017

"Even a white rose has a black shadow. You might lose it in the dark, you might become it, but is something that will stay with you forever."

Being a normal kid has never come easy for me, I' ve always had struggles with numbers and letters. At the age of six my mom discovered that I had dyslexia and dyscalculia. Dyslexia and dyscalculia are brain disorders which can effect your language and math skills on a daily basis in a lot of different ways. With me it meant that reading was a lot harder, learning how to spell a word and grammar was difficult. Also numbers were a disaster I always read them wrong. For example; if it said on the paper 62 I read 26. Simple things like the names and order of the months, left or right and the times tables I could not remember. Infrequent orders or quickly changing patters always caught me off guard. If I was making arithmetic sums and it was divide by three times in a row and the fourth sum would be times 2, first off all I wouldn't even notice the change second of all my brain could not handle such a sudden change of rithm. In the summer were I would go from middle school to high school we could finally get it diagnosed which meant that some spelling errors wouldn't be looked at and that I had more time during tests. Dyscalculia is still very difficult to indicate whether a person truly suffers from it or not so to this day I still struggle with it on a daily basis.
But I've come to terms with it, I have accepted that this is something I will carry with my for the rest of my life and that it is just a part of me. Flaws make a person because you are more than you're mistakes. In the end I am even thankful for it, don't get me wrong I definitely do not consider it a gift but in the end it made me a fighter.

People used to consider me a shy person and a copy cat, which never improves ones self esteem especially when in puberty. I was in a group where I never really felt welcome, where I knew I did not belong. When I finally got out I felt relieved that I could end this chapter of my life and start a new one. That is when I truly started to change as a person. I began to trust myself and started doing things I could never have dreamed of doing. I made a plan, a plan of what I wanted to make of myself. life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.

The big frightening list:

1. step out of my comfort zone
2. be creative
3. say/do what I like
4. forgive those who have wronged me
5. accept/forgive myself

Step one

I genuinely liked my own little safe zone that I had created for myself, but I knew it was time to get out. I used to care so much of what other people thought of me but that makes life so much more tiering and less exciting. Constantly so focused on what to say or how to behave that I didn't do anything at all. In those moments I really hated myself. Why couldn't I just say something? However one day something clicked in me, I had had enough of my own self-pity. The decision was made that from that day on I would just engage with people. I still struggle with this on a daily bases. If I have nothing useful to say, I tend to just say nothing at all. Pushing myself is all I can do. So that's what I did/do. I went from being an introvert to an extrovert.

Step two

One perk of being dyslectic is that most of the time your creative side of your brain is more developed to compromise the loss of what it is missing. I love that part of me. Ever since I was little I've always been busy drawing, painting and doing crafts. I also love reading, writing, listing to music and dancing on it. I lost that side of me a little when I started high school, daily life and homework just took up all that time. Plus I got in contact with the internet and all that it has to offer. The internet undoubtedly killed my creativeness for a while. I hated that. So when I came to New York I jumped at every opportunity to be creative. That is why I started this blog for example, as for my second (photography) Instagram. I used the WWW to create and share with those interested. I got my motivation and urge to create back. 

Step three

In the past I never actually formed my own opinion I came to that conclusion when one of my teachers said to the class that we were all very easily influenced by what people tell us. I didn't like that. I realized that from that moment on I wouldn't judge people by there appearance, nor would I blindly believe what people tell me. If I would see beauty in something I would not wait for others to agree. And so I did. there are always three parts to a story, the one, the other and the truth. 

Step four

Have you ever noticed that it doesn't matter how many good things a person says to you, if they say one bad thing you will only remember that. I am not going to give examples since hurting people is not the intend of the letter, what I am going to give you is some advise. It is better to be remembered as a nice person than as a bitch. So be loving, trust me in the end they'll always choose a good person over an unkind person. So hereby I'll let go of all the frustrations and finally be free minded.

Step five

A very wise someone once said to me "How can others love you if you do not even love yourself, since how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you." Loving yourself is not about being perfect it is about admiring the imperfections, flaws make a person. Self love also begins with accepting your mistakes, stop dwelling in the past. Everybody has a chapter they don't read out loud. Even though I am never done evolving, I sometimes stop for a while and reflect from where I came and where I ended up. When I am happy with the result, I know I am on the right track to completely loving the person I am.

"Every one has a dark side, a shadow, however it is something that follows not leads."

Yours Faithfully, 


New York City #ThroughMyEyes

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Saying Goodbye #NYCLife19

Monday, April 3, 2017

It felt weird saying goodbye to a city like New York. My last weeks I spent doing things for the last time. My last Subway ride, my last Times Square moment and my last look upon the magnificent skyscrapers. I lived here, well on EF Campus for six months, I build up a entire new routine and now I had to start over again. A new place a new life, I was excited and totally ready for new adventures. But I owe you a recap of my last weeks, I'll do it fast because than the pain is less.

I spend my weekends with my friends, one after the other they were all leaving. We went to the shopping mall and just hung out there. Or we went to the city but only with a plan. I needed to by some last things because it was snowing in NY and I was going to a tropical Island.
Walking around like that brought me more emotion than I could've imagined, it felt weird leaving it all behind. But when I look back those times in New York or all the fun times on Campus, man those were good. I became a new person, it all changed me. You find different part of yourself in different places, some you like, some you might hate. Only you can do something about you, and you should only change for you. I learned that the hard way, but the right way. It's okay to get hurt because with a  little pain all the beauty is a lot more colorful.

I highly encourage you if you get the change to go to New York, Go. Because if you let it, it will change you.


Yours Faithfully,


Urban Exploring #NYCLife18

Thursday, February 16, 2017

On Wednesday Amanda and I went into the city to take some cool shots and just have a lovely day. Once again we ate lunch a By CHLOE's in Greenwich, don't judge it's my fav. We had previously decided that we wanted to go to the Flatiron building and than eat dinner a a vegan sushi place and that basically planed out the road we needed to follow. Firstly we saw Washington square park, it's concrete arch stood beautifully in the sunshine and it was nicely warm outside. Amanda stumbled upon a hidden treasure after that, it were houses of students of NYU which caused us a minor breakdown. The road was made out of cobble stones, extremely rare in NY, and all the houses looked like they were right out of an old city in France. Not that weird considering we later found out it was called La Maison Francaise. Following our route we passed Union square market were we got a vegan cookie what we would safe as dessert. The flatiron building is in comparison to the rest of NYC building not that tall but it is definitely worth a visit. We took some good pictures and than finally it was time for some more food. Beyond sushi is a tiny restaurant and easily overlooked, but you can surely not day that about the food. It is just spicy enough and deliciously juicy and fresh. I would love to try some more of their menu.


In the weekend it was movie time again; Renee, Bas, Elien and I were going to see split. I didn't do my research therefore I didn't know what I was about to watch when I walked into the theater. Weird it unquestionably was, but also intriguing. The man who plays the part of well I can't say one name since he has 25 personas, did a fantastic job of making the film extra shocking and a little creepy. I enjoyed it though.
It was sunny on Sunday, no pun intended, making the ferry ride perfect. There is a free ferry between lower Manhattan an Staten Island and during the trip you get an Amazing view of the city's skyline. Close to the ferry's start point is Wall street, and since I had never seen that before I felt obliged to go and have a look. I obviously touched the big balls of the bull, it brings good luck and fortune, disclaimer nothing happend as of yet. After that we went to the lowlife, which was disappointing because it wasn't really build yet causing us to just go shopping. I bought a lovely flowy top from H&M in the sale department having Hawaii already on my mind.

Next weekend I went to a party in the city, the club wasn't that nice but the people were. It was a very fun night. On Sunday we watched the Superbowl, that was rather exciting. Lady Gaga preformed beautifully during the half time show and the game was pretty good as far as I understood of what was going on.

The weekend after that we went to go see Fifty shade darker, I loved Bas' reaction to the 'action' a lot more than the 'action' it's self, it was hilarious. That night I went to another party, Highline Ballroom the club was called. It had nearly naked girls dancing on stilts, definitely a uh experience. On sunday I slept for most of the day and in the evening watched the grammy's. My life is such a roller coaster you don't even want to know about it, wait you already do. Well good for you I guess. Maybe.

Yours Faithfully,


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