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A letter to 2016

Sweet two thousand and sixteen, I want to thank you for all that you've given me.  You have brought me joy and laughter, pain and sorrow, new adventures, friendships and love.  But most importantly a new outlook on life. Right after new years I had to make a really difficult decision and to this day I still do not know if it was the right one. I guess I'll never find out. I was never brave enough to talk to someone about it. By the time I confessed everything to my mom it did not matter anymore, it had already happened. The build up of all my emotions that I had held in caused a outburst of tears. I think I cried for a good half an hour. And you can trust me on my word when I say that I do not cry easily, only with exceptionally good movies or songs. However it did learn me a lesson, talk to people about your problems. Some people actually do know life stuff and can help you with things like that. During my time still in high school I learned that

New Years in New York #NYCLife16

It felt weird to not spent every day with my other half, literally something was missing. Although I had to get used to that my day was still a lot of fun! I met a girl in class whom I shared lot of the same interests with , therefore we decided we should plan a trip. We both liked vegan food and photography so we decided to visit some hip food counters and restaurants to explore all that there was there to taste in the plant-based cuisine. Our trip started in Bushwick a very populair neighborhood in Brooklyn, it was already late in the morning when we arrived and we were famished. Amanda had heard of a good doughnut place so we decided to hit it up while we waited for a place in the diner. We went for a simple vanilla one with chocolate sprinkles. Although our choice wasn't the most adventures one it did not disappoint. After having shared only one doughnut we were still feeling empty bellied which was good since we had still our 'official' breakfast to go. As we walke

A day in Central Park #NYCLife15

It was the day after Christmas but we had no intention of taking it easy.  Renee and I didn't sleep that well but we had decided to go to the gym anyway. I didn't do as much as usual but I still got a solid ten minute run in and some ab workouts, it actually felt pretty good to get a morning workout in. We ate breakfast and headed to the city.   Our schedule was perfectly planed and the weather was wonderfully warm for the this time of year. We came up with the idea  to go on a stroll in central park, as apparently many others. It was packed with people but I did not let it bother me. We took some awesome shots; walked over the many bridges; sat down to listed to a talented violinist and enjoyed the winter sun next to a little pool.  It was amazing, it made me realize how  important  nature is. Central Park is one of the only places in New York you can truly relax and come to peace with yourself. The mellifluous sound of all the music being made me incredibly happy.