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Thursday, February 16, 2017

On Wednesday Amanda and I went into the city to take some cool shots and just have a lovely day. Once again we ate lunch a By CHLOE's in Greenwich, don't judge it's my fav. We had previously decided that we wanted to go to the Flatiron building and than eat dinner a a vegan sushi place and that basically planed out the road we needed to follow. Firstly we saw Washington square park, it's concrete arch stood beautifully in the sunshine and it was nicely warm outside. Amanda stumbled upon a hidden treasure after that, it were houses of students of NYU which caused us a minor breakdown. The road was made out of cobble stones, extremely rare in NY, and all the houses looked like they were right out of an old city in France. Not that weird considering we later found out it was called La Maison Francaise. Following our route we passed Union square market were we got a vegan cookie what we would safe as dessert. The flatiron building is in comparison to the rest of NYC building not that tall but it is definitely worth a visit. We took some good pictures and than finally it was time for some more food. Beyond sushi is a tiny restaurant and easily overlooked, but you can surely not day that about the food. It is just spicy enough and deliciously juicy and fresh. I would love to try some more of their menu.


In the weekend it was movie time again; Renee, Bas, Elien and I were going to see split. I didn't do my research therefore I didn't know what I was about to watch when I walked into the theater. Weird it unquestionably was, but also intriguing. The man who plays the part of well I can't say one name since he has 25 personas, did a fantastic job of making the film extra shocking and a little creepy. I enjoyed it though.
It was sunny on Sunday, no pun intended, making the ferry ride perfect. There is a free ferry between lower Manhattan an Staten Island and during the trip you get an Amazing view of the city's skyline. Close to the ferry's start point is Wall street, and since I had never seen that before I felt obliged to go and have a look. I obviously touched the big balls of the bull, it brings good luck and fortune, disclaimer nothing happend as of yet. After that we went to the lowlife, which was disappointing because it wasn't really build yet causing us to just go shopping. I bought a lovely flowy top from H&M in the sale department having Hawaii already on my mind.

Next weekend I went to a party in the city, the club wasn't that nice but the people were. It was a very fun night. On Sunday we watched the Superbowl, that was rather exciting. Lady Gaga preformed beautifully during the half time show and the game was pretty good as far as I understood of what was going on.

The weekend after that we went to go see Fifty shade darker, I loved Bas' reaction to the 'action' a lot more than the 'action' it's self, it was hilarious. That night I went to another party, Highline Ballroom the club was called. It had nearly naked girls dancing on stilts, definitely a uh experience. On sunday I slept for most of the day and in the evening watched the grammy's. My life is such a roller coaster you don't even want to know about it, wait you already do. Well good for you I guess. Maybe.

Yours Faithfully,


Visual arts & Chelsea #NYCLife17

Monday, February 13, 2017

This post will be a summary of the last two weeks since I haven't done as many eventful things as usual.
Elien came back on the second of January and considering sales were still going on it only seemed logical to go out and have a look. We both bought some little things, and although it rained we still had a fun day.

The following Wednesday Renee and I took an early train into the city to catch the discounts at the ticket office of the musical we wanted to go to. When we arrived at the cash deck the only tickets they had left were two standing tickets. Can you believe it, we were so lucky to have the last ones! It did mean though that we had to stand the whole performance, but we hoped for some free seats. We went to the matinee performance, which actually I was pretty happy about because it meant that we didn't have to wait so long. The row in front of us had two empty seats, and although we were first a little scared to be told off, we decided to go and sit there anyway.
The singing was phenomenal, I think it might have been one of the best I've ever seen singing wise. Even though I didn't cry, there were tears and many "Hell yes girl" and "Preach" were being screamed. Afterwards we still had half a day ahead of us, yet we had no plan. Since we still desperately wanted to see the movie Hidden Figures we went to the nearest AMC. Renee and I loved it! But like intensely liked it. Just as the musical, the movie was full of women empowerment and black and white apartheid. It showed a well portrait contrast between how it was then and how it is now. And let me just say that I'm glad I wasn't born then, because how people treated each other with such a lack of respect is disgusting. We were exhausted, and our feet were killing us therefore we went home.

On Thursday we, as in Elien, Renee and I had a girls day. We watched some movies and ate a lot of food. Sometimes you just need a day like that.

It had snowed over night, and it was beautiful. Only the thing is with snow and a big, filthy city is that it doesn't stay white for very long. Renee and I however, were sure to go into the city anyway.
It was cold, but we persevered, we went to the MET for the second time. That museum is so big you can walk around there for two days and still not see everything. Our intention was to go to Guggenheim later on, but there was to long of a line and the snow was still coming down so we decided to go home. Even though that sounds like we had a miserable day, that couldn't be further from the truth. Renee and I connect on more than just shopping and series talk, we can go into deep convos about the hard things in life, and that's incredible.

The next Saturday we went to go see -what a surprise- a movie. Do you remember the Boston marathon bombings? Well that was what is was about. It's called Patriots day, and it is based on true stories from the survivors. Man it made an impact on me, to imagine what some people had to go through and why in hell the bombers would've done such a terrible thing. I wasn't able to shake of this weird feeling I had afterwards. With that said, I did very much enjoy the movie though.

On Sunday we visited Chelsea market, I can highly recommend it to you if you like food and urban looking buildings. We ate lunch there and headed on over to the high line. The high line is a remodeled old rail track some meters above the ground. You have a amazing view over the city and especially in the spring and summer it is beautiful to take a walk there since you are surrounded with trees and flowers. After that we walked over to meat packing district which is just cool looking.

Now that I read it I actually did quite a lot, Oh well time flies when your having fun right.

Yours Faithfully,


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