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Urban Exploring #NYCLife18

On Wednesday Amanda and I went into the city to take some cool shots and just have a lovely day. Once again we ate lunch a By CHLOE's in Greenwich, don't judge it's my fav. We had previously decided that we wanted to go to the Flatiron building and than eat dinner a a vegan sushi place and that basically planed out the road we needed to follow. Firstly we saw Washington square park, it's concrete arch stood beautifully in the sunshine and it was nicely warm outside. Amanda stumbled upon a hidden treasure after that, it were houses of students of NYU which caused us a minor breakdown. The road was made out of cobble stones, extremely rare in NY, and all the houses looked like they were right out of an old city in France. Not that weird considering we later found out it was called La Maison Francaise. Following our route we passed Union square market were we got a vegan cookie what we would safe as dessert. The flatiron building is in comparison to the rest of NYC bui

Visual arts & Chelsea #NYCLife17

This post will be a summary of the last two weeks since I haven't done as many eventful things as usual. Elien came back on the second of January and considering sales were still going on it only seemed logical to go out and have a look. We both bought some little things, and although it rained we still had a fun day. The following Wednesday Renee and I took an early train into the city to catch the discounts at the ticket office of the musical we wanted to go to. When we arrived at the cash deck the only tickets they had left were two standing tickets. Can you believe it, we were so lucky to have the last ones! It did mean though that we had to stand the whole performance, but we hoped for some free seats. We went to the matinee performance, which actually I was pretty happy about because it meant that we didn't have to wait so long. The row in front of us had two empty seats, and although we were first a little scared to be told off, we decided to go and sit there an