Saying Goodbye #NYCLife19

It felt weird saying goodbye to a city like New York. My last weeks I spent doing things for the last time. My last Subway ride, my last Times Square moment and my last look upon the magnificent skyscrapers. I lived here, well on EF Campus for six months, I build up a entire new routine and now I had to start over again. A new place a new life, I was excited and totally ready for new adventures. But I owe you a recap of my last weeks, I'll do it fast because than the pain is less.

I spend my weekends with my friends, one after the other they were all leaving. We went to the shopping mall and just hung out there. Or we went to the city but only with a plan. I needed to by some last things because it was snowing in NY and I was going to a tropical Island.
Walking around like that brought me more emotion than I could've imagined, it felt weird leaving it all behind. But when I look back those times in New York or all the fun times on Campus, man those were good. I became a new person, it all changed me. You find different part of yourself in different places, some you like, some you might hate. Only you can do something about you, and you should only change for you. I learned that the hard way, but the right way. It's okay to get hurt because with a  little pain all the beauty is a lot more colorful.

I highly encourage you if you get the change to go to New York, Go. Because if you let it, it will change you.


Yours Faithfully,



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