Bali Food Tour N.01

Monday, September 24, 2018

Hi girl/boy/woman/man and everyone outside or in-between!
I have an very exciting blog post -if I may say so myself- for you today. It's about food, and not just any food but vegan food from bali! I know can't get much better than that am I right?
This summer I went to bali with one of my best friends/niece for two weeks. Seems long enough and even though we literally ate our way through the island we still couldn't visit all the great vegan spots that where there.. However of the ones we did visit you'll find a comprehensive review of below!

kind cafe

Kind cafe is a really popular spot with the insta famous tropical mural on one of the walls. In my opinion definitely worth the ride and wait (it wasn't long for us, but the line can be long). We had Tropical feels/harvest juice which both were very refreshing. The green and grind smoothie bowl which was very good, you couldn't taste the greens at all! Lastly the asian persuasion as a savory dish to balance it all out, which it did a good job at. The noodles with garlic bread, the crunch and perfectly sautéed veggies definitely did the trick. 

crate cafe

Crate cafe is a cool cafe in the heart of changgu, you can meet all you local surf dudes and chicks here and de vibe is just really chill. 
At the craft I had the Mangolicious & the good root, which I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of.. I'm sorry okay, it was my very first balinese meal and I was just to hungry/excited. However it was amazing, the fruit bowl was so sweet and silky and with the shredded coconut it made for a perfect combo. The good rood bowl was just a perfect example of a buddha bowl, very tasty! The second time we went, we shared a cacao granola bowl and a unicorn sandwich. The 'wich was good but nowhere close to how amazing the smoothie bowl was. Still dream about that thing.. Oh and the smoothies where delish as well!

The loft

Here I ate the Vegan bowl & dragon bowl it was nothing too special but definitely worth visiting.
The vegan bowl was an assortment of veggies with nice and crispy tempeh (really one of the best I had) however the spinach was a bit to salty for my liking. The dragon bowl was lovely, I liked the big pieces of mango and granola on top, it added some amazing texture. Also side note; I was on the verge of stealing the spoon, how cute is the little pineapple!

Peloton superfood shop

Peloton is a completely vegan superfood cafe and we loved it, I mean we came here 3 times so pretty much says it all.. 
The first time we shared the Spirulina burger which was nicely spiced and not to heavy on the stomach but still dimmed my craving for a burger. Second we had the jackfruit taco's, they were great, tasted a lot like pulled pork which I never really had but I like the taste of this smokey sweet sensation. The rice paper rolls where okay but the banana bread is for sure a take home while you watch a serie must do. 

The second tim we shared the black burger and carbonara pasta. As a starter we had te loaded nacho's, they really knew what they were doing with that dish. The black bean crumble with the sour cream and guac were a perfect match and with the nacho chips it reminded me of how vegans don't have to miss out on anything. The burger with sweet potato fries was devoured in no time as was the pasta. But boy let me tell ya that pasta was the best i've probably ever had! The smoked coconut bits tasted exactly like bacon and the tofu carbonara sauce was spiced to perfection and had a incredible creamy texture. You can guess what I had the third time..

avocado factory 

We came here two times as well and order the exact same thing twice just 'cause we loved it so much and where craving it again. We had the Detox with spirunila (hands down the best green juice I've ever had) and the slim down (good not great, we only ordered the detox the 2nd time). The tofu salad was hugeeeeee but I mean we all know by now that I have a big appetite so of course I finished it. It was a-ma-zinggg. If you love salty tofu and avocado you'll love this. (the 2nd time I replaced the croutons for tomatoes, def. recommend). The avo hummus toast was an ideal combination of the mashed avo toast or hummus toast. And with the sugar snap peas it made for a crunchy combo. You can sit next a richfield and enjoy the food with a nice view.
So if you ever find yourself in bali, not to worry, pull up this post and enjoy ya self. (N0.2 coming)

Yours Faithfully,

West Coast Roadtrip N.02

Monday, September 10, 2018

Hi you!

Congrats, you're here, now stay and read this entire post I dare you.
This post is about the second part of my west coast road trip. Hope you enjoy reading about it as much as did actually doing it haha.

Monument Valley

I saw a lot of national parks during this road trip like; Death Valley, Sequoia NP (tall trees), Painted Desert, Petrified forest. Zion NP, Arches NP. But Monument Valley is the one that made it into the highlights. It kind of feels like you're on a different planet, it was so different than anything I've ever seen before. It also helped that we did a tour around some famous 'rocks' in a jeep driven by a real Native American who could tell us all about the history of this place and he even sang an old traditional song! It was rather magical.

Mammoth lakes

This place is rather known for ski/snowboarding but unfortunately I wasn't able to do a few runs off the mountain. However, we did visit the beautiful but ridiculously cold lakes. So please when you look at these pics bare in mind that it took some real perseverance to get them.

San Francisco 

This city really captivated me, with it's hipster allures, pride flags everywhere, cosy harbor and open minded people it had an fantastic vibe. We rode the old cable cars that go from one side of the city to the other, for sure a must do. Same as renting bikes, which we also did. You can do a tour along the coast line seeing the whole harbor, drive over the Golden Gate Bridge (where we saw multiple whales!!!) and end in Salcelito a cute artisan town. From there you can take the ferry back to the harbor and during this you get a great view of both Salcelito and San Fran plus a bonus because you pass the famous alcatres prison. 


Yours Faithfully,


West Coast Roadtrip N.01

Monday, September 3, 2018

Hi Luvss! This is a post that's loooong over due but still worth the read. Spoiler; it's about the road trip I made..
After my nine months away from home my gap year officially came to an end. However, before it was time to come home my parents came to the west coast where I met up with them to go on a three week road trip! Here are the high lights;

City number one:

Los Angeles

Our trip started in the city of angeles, we visited venice boulevard where we saw the beautiful peer with look out on the ocean. Walking this famous route we saw the many tourist shops were they sold everything you can possibly think of and more, (including some 'medical marijuana' and other rated R uhh goodies?) basketballers, body builders, some homeless people selling self made products and the amazing skatepark. After all those new impressions it seemed to be a good idea to have an acai bowl and let it all sink in. Following that we went to the walk of fame, I bought a new Hershel bag that I still use and love to this day. We drove along melrose avenue, saw the hollywood sign from a a far, had a amazing diner at a vegan restaurant and called it a day.


Grand Canyon National Park

I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon ever since my dad told me it was the most immense and astounding sight he'd ever seen. I've also been wanting the fly in a helicopter. I guess 1 + 1 equals 2 because here I was able to combine both and oh boy what a combination it was. With a bit of luck and a sneaky action I was able the sit next to the pilot, which first of all is really cool because you can see all the buttons and everything (idk why but that excites me) but most importantly you have the best view! It was an experience I cannot describe in words, you must observe the stone creature from a birds-eye view yourself to understand what it was like. The only words that came to my mind were; immense, jaw-dropping, breathtaking and bewildering.



City number two:

Las Vegas

This really is one of those cities that everybody just tells you to like, however in reality is quite dissapointing tbh.. Nonetheless I did have a good time just looking at the over the top hotels that were there. I mean they build a fake Eiffel tower, Emipre State Building/Statue of Liberty (plus a rollercoaster), a Egyptian pyramid plus two sphinxes oh an a whole Moroccan bathhouse style looking hotel. Seriously I can't think of a crazier sight. 
We also visited Las Vegas downtown (to have a vegan dinner, which was so good btw) where the old clubbing area is, and I must say, I liked that more. Just a lot more chill, oh and the light displays they have everywhere is incredible, definitely worth a visit especially at night. 

Yours Faithfully,


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