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Bali Food Tour N.01

Hi girl/boy/woman/man and everyone outside or in-between! I have an very exciting blog post -if I may say so myself- for you today. It's about food, and not just any food but vegan food from bali! I know can't get much better than that am I right? This summer I went to bali with one of my best friends/niece for two weeks. Seems long enough and even though we literally ate our way through the island we still couldn't visit all the great vegan spots that where there.. However of the ones we did visit you'll find a comprehensive review of below! kind cafe Kind cafe is a really popular spot with the insta famous tropical mural on one of the walls. In my opinion definitely worth the ride and wait (it wasn't long for us, but the line can be long). We had Tropical feels/harvest juice which both were very refreshing. The green and grind smoothie bowl which was very good, you couldn't taste the greens at all! Lastly the asian persuasion as a savory dish to balan

West Coast Roadtrip N.02

Hi you! Congrats, you're here, now stay and read this entire post I dare you. This post is about the second part of my west coast road trip. Hope you enjoy reading about it as much as did actually doing it haha. Monument Valley I saw a lot of national parks during this road trip like; Death Valley, Sequoia NP (tall trees), Painted Desert, Petrified forest. Zion NP, Arches NP. But Monument Valley is the one that made it into the highlights. It kind of feels like you're on a different planet, it was so different than anything I've ever seen before. It also helped that we did a tour around some famous 'rocks' in a jeep driven by a real Native American who could tell us all about the history of this place and he even sang an old traditional song! It was rather magical. Mammoth lakes This place is rather known for ski/snowboarding but unfortunately I wasn't able to do a few runs off the mountain. However, we did visit the beautiful but ridicul

West Coast Roadtrip N.01

Hi Luvss! This is a post that's loooong over due but still worth the read. Spoiler; it's about the road trip I made.. After my nine months away from home my gap year officially came to an end. However, before it was time to come home my parents came to the west coast where I met up with them to go on a three week road trip! Here are the high lights; City number one: Los Angeles Our trip started in the city of angeles, we visited venice boulevard where we saw the beautiful peer with look out on the ocean. Walking this famous route we saw the many tourist shops were they sold everything you can possibly think of and more, (including some 'medical marijuana' and other rated R uhh goodies? ) basketballers, body builders, some homeless people selling self made products and the amazing skatepark. After all those new impressions it seemed to be a good idea to have an acai bowl and let it all sink in. Following that we went to the walk of fame, I bought a ne