West Coast Roadtrip N.02

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This post is about the second part of my west coast road trip. Hope you enjoy reading about it as much as did actually doing it haha.

Monument Valley

I saw a lot of national parks during this road trip like; Death Valley, Sequoia NP (tall trees), Painted Desert, Petrified forest. Zion NP, Arches NP. But Monument Valley is the one that made it into the highlights. It kind of feels like you're on a different planet, it was so different than anything I've ever seen before. It also helped that we did a tour around some famous 'rocks' in a jeep driven by a real Native American who could tell us all about the history of this place and he even sang an old traditional song! It was rather magical.

Mammoth lakes

This place is rather known for ski/snowboarding but unfortunately I wasn't able to do a few runs off the mountain. However, we did visit the beautiful but ridiculously cold lakes. So please when you look at these pics bare in mind that it took some real perseverance to get them.

San Francisco 

This city really captivated me, with it's hipster allures, pride flags everywhere, cosy harbor and open minded people it had an fantastic vibe. We rode the old cable cars that go from one side of the city to the other, for sure a must do. Same as renting bikes, which we also did. You can do a tour along the coast line seeing the whole harbor, drive over the Golden Gate Bridge (where we saw multiple whales!!!) and end in Salcelito a cute artisan town. From there you can take the ferry back to the harbor and during this you get a great view of both Salcelito and San Fran plus a bonus because you pass the famous alcatres prison. 


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