KLM Vegan Meal Review

Hi globetrotter, I mean why else would you read an airplane meal review. Or maybe you are just a curious person, if so, same.
Let me start with a disclaimer, in saying that no airplane food can truly be like really good. So if I say "excellent" know that it's probably just decent but for the sake of writing a fun-to-read review I am gonna use terms like that.
Me and my vegan friend flew from Amsterdam to Bali and back, during both flights we got three vegan meals.

The first being a dinner. It included; water,  a cup of butter (with I left cuz I had no idea where to put it on), a small salad and a meal consisting of mashed chickpeas, quinoa and a brown bean/onion/bell pepper stir fry. The salad was ok, the dressing was definitely needed. The big meal however was surprisingly tasty, the chickpea puree was nicely salted, the quinoa not overly cooked and the stir fry decently spiced. And the fruit tasted fresh. I cleaned the plate.
The Second was a breakfast. Including; water, again a displaced cup of butter,  fruit, coconut yoghurt and a pearl couscous orange "oatmeal".  The fruit was yet again fresh, I ate it with my yoghurt with was very good, didn't taste to artificial.  The big meal was a bit weird, it took some getting used to. Eventuality I decided I liked it, although I didn't finish completely but that was more due to me being full.
Lunch was served last, this all due to arrival time schedule. It consisted of yet again a water, kimchi salad, fruit salad and a main course of steamed vegetables, rice and a corn/onion/brown bean stir fry.
The kimchi salad was fresh and just the right amount of spicy. The fruit salad of lychee and peaches with a strawberry was a bit small but still very refreshing. The main meal was a bit boring but still good. The vegetables weren't cooked till there was no nutrients left what so ever, thats always a plus. The brown rice (like not white but brown, thats great, got to give them credit for that) in comic with the stir fry was pretty fine as well. Definitely ate it all. 
the first meal on the flight back was a past dish (past is my fav food for if you didn't know). It included pasta obv. with steamed vegetables and a tomato sauce with greens, water, bread with now a useful cup of butter, fruit, salad and a weird pudding. The fruit and salad were fresh but the bread was quite dry. I put my salad with the butter on it which made it eatable. The pasta dish however was enjoyable, my standerds are quite low I must admit. My childhood order was always "pasta with nothing", yes I literately ate plain pasta, no sauce/no cheese. Don't judge. 
The second meal was let's say inventive? It included fruit, orange juice, bread, butter, and a roast dinner. The fruit was fresh and nice, the OJ packaged, not a fan of that. The bread with butter I let untouched since I had no salad to juicify it with. Then I gave the weird pudding a try, I mean I had to for the sake of this post but it wasn't enjoyable let me tell you that. It tastes plane and the syrup was way to sweet in my opinion. I did eat the one peach on it though, that was nice. The roast was actually quite toasty for a warmed up meal. The spinach/mushrooms/tomato and beans were nicely spiced and the tomatoes not to soggy.

Overall I wasn't at all let down by KLM's vegan meals. Tops were the fresh fruit/ kimchi salad and all the mean meals. Flops were the weird pudding for sure and the very drie bread.

Hope you found this somewhat useful or enjoyable. If not sorry. There is still coming a part two though. I'm flying to Hong Kong in a week!

Yours Faithfully,


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