Sourced box review

Hi there! Are you interested in a subscription box and looking for a review than you are in the right place. Let me tell you my opinion and afterward you can make up your own. You know is it your thing or is it even worth it.
Sourced box is a healthy snack delivery service that's delivered once a month. The goodies are natural, mostly organic and totally vegan.
I had a year long subscription, 12 boxes, so I can give you a over all review of what the boxes mostly consist of, the quality and if it's worth the price. A annual subscription is 216 euro's (189,95 pounds) and monthly 21,6 euro's (18,95 pounds). Not very cheap I know.

Let me start by saying that I was never disappointed with the taste, overall they were all enjoyable and every box consisted of a variety of different sweet/savory snacks. Most packages included one drink, at least one protein/nut/fruit bar and chocolate. Then some included chips/some other crunchy/puffed item or a more dessert style treat like a mini cake. Sometimes I got a mini trail mix or granola box. I would say that I think that if you buy all the items separately you would end up with a higher amount. So quality wise it's pretty decent as well. You just have to choke up all the money at once (if you take yearly, which would be cheaper than buying them all monthly).
The most fun about sourced box I found was that it introduced me to a lot of vegan brand that I had never heard of before. You get a little pamphlet in the box highlighting some company's and telling you their story. However most were British brands exclusively, meaning I couldn't buy them again here in The Netherlands, I did have a way broader spectrum and didn't get bored eating them.

Overall I would say that yes it's expensive but it is a lot of fun to try it out for a year. You just get out of the grind of eating the some old things every time and you can make all you friends curious/jealous about the new exciting treats that you are feasting on!

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