What to do in Bali

Hi globetrotters, here I am with a post about my Bali adventures. Giving you a quick insight on what to do in Bali!

First of all I would recommend renting a scooter, it's a convenient and vast way to travel. But be aware the traffic in Indonesia is crazy, so if you're a bit hesitant download the app Go-Jek. It is basically the same as Uber but you can also travel by scooter.

Rice fields & Swing 


There are rice fields everywhere on Bali, the Tegallalang being one of the most famous one. We visited them in a time that the rice was just harvested so it was a bit less green. However it is definitely worth the visit because you can swing above the fields. There is this tourist attraction called the Bali swing were you have a lot of swings, duhh, and some cocoons. People useably just go there for the pictures but the line's are long and it is a bit expensive. So this option we did is way better in my experience.



A must do in any Asian country is visit the temple's. Usually every temple will have its own story and a great way to emerge yourself in the local culture. We went to the Taman Ayun, which is a great example of traditional Balinese Hindu temple architecture. 
The Tanah Lot Temple I found the most awe-inspiring, we went during golden hour and if you can see past all the tourist you get the most amazing view of temple, ocean and sunset in one. 
Tirta Empul Temple is a water temple, people come here to purify themselves. As a visitor you are welcome to partake in the tradition.  


Bali has some of the most breathtaking sunsets there are. One day we sat on Echo beach drinking a coconut, observing the many handsome surfers and watching the sun go down. It was quite magical.
The sunset at Tanah Lot temple is, apart from the many tourist, lovely as well.



Last but certainly not least I'd recommend you to visit a waterfall. There are stunning waterfalls all over the island. We visited the Tegenungan waterfall. You take a hike down to the waterfall, easy enough for all ages, and come upon this very big and gushing waterfall. There is a tiny bath/pool and for the brave, you are aloud to swing relatively close to the waterfall. It was for sure a sight I did not want to have missed during my trip.

That concludes my tops and tips of what to do in Bali. If you want some foodspiration check out my Bali food tours!

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