Beyond Meat Burger Review

Saturday, December 22, 2018

The beyond meat burger

Green common Beyond meat truffel burger: 
If you don’t know the hype around the beyond meat burger you are kinda late to the game but let me explain. It's a vegan burger designed to look and taste exactly like the real deal. Even though I was hastened to try it because the taste of meat doesn’t sound very appetizing to me I just had to know. I ordered it with a side salad since I saw it was on the menu just to get some greens in. If i had known it would’ve been just a bunch of leaves id definitely gone for the sweet potato fries that go with it. My burger verdict; yes it does in my opinion look and tastes exactly like it. However I do not enjoy the taste of meat that much anymore so it was just alright for me. Now if you are a meat eater or enjoy the taste of it I couldn’t recommend you more to just give it a shot. You’re not missing out on anything, on the contrary, you’re saving a life and helping out the environment. No excuses left.
Recently even the big and famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio joined the vegan movement. He is a know environmentalist and so stated; "Livestock production is a major contributor to carbon emissions," said DiCaprio. "Shifting from animal meat to the plant-based meats developed by Beyond Meat is one of the most powerful measures someone can take to reduce their impact on our climate. Beyond Meat's ability to create appealing, healthy meat directly from plants will go a long way in helping every day consumers take action on climate change.". And I couldn't agree more, we need to find our protein somewhere else. I mean we live in 2018 we should know better by now. We have the money and resources to make the change. Let us for once fix the problem before it get catastrophic. 
How you can help to reduce your CO2 footprint and save innocent lives. Try a plant based diet. There are alternatives for every food item you might want. Like the beyond meat burger and a lot more! 
I listed most of them below:

  • Alpro (dairy) 
  • Wilmersburger (dairy) 
  • Vivera (protein) 
  • De vegetarische slager (protein)
  • So fine (protein)
  • Garden Gourmet (protein)
  • Quorn (protein)
  • Good bite (protein)
  • Jumbo veggie chef (protein)
  • Albert Heijn (protein & pasta)
  • Beyond Meat (protein)
  • Field Roast (protein)
  • Gardein (protein)
  • Tofurky (protein)
  • Tofu (protein)
  • Tempeh (protein)
  • Califia Farms (dairy) 
  • Daiya (dairy) 
  • Earth Balance (dairy) 
  • Follow Your Heart (dairy) 
  • Kite Hill (dairy) 
  • Miyoko’s (dairy) 
  • Ripple (dairy) 
  • Silk (dairy) 
  • So Delicious (dairy) 
Yours Faithfully, 

What I ate in Hong Kong N0.2

Monday, December 17, 2018

Hiiii! Well the only thing I seem to post these days our food blogs. But let's be honest, what's better than food, not a lot. So let's get into it.

Pop vegan 

After doing a long and pretty intense hike me and a friend found ourselves craving some Italian food or just in general carbs. We found this place which serves both. We got the vegan cheese four seasons pizza which was light but very tasty and a really good choice if you can't decide on toppings ever. I mean, that's me. With this pizza you basically get all of them. It was delicious. We also shared some artichoke and cheese enchilada's which were surprisingly good. I went in a bit confused by the combo of flavors but was definitely not disappointed. As a dessert we got the raw cheesecake but it was gone before I could take the pic. That says enough I guess. 


 Loving Hut 

After an other hike, yes I did derserve all those calories. I went to a vegan chain restaurant that's to be found in quite a few place. However I'd never been there before. We decided to not hold back and just order everything we wanted, you don't have to tell me that twice. We order the Hawaiian pizza and steamed buns as sides. The pizza had a thick doughy crust and some veggies with cheese and pineapple. After a hike like that a pizza like that was exactly what I wanted. The bbq buns I just wanted to try because I had never had them before. They were alright, a bit dry. I dipped them in the sweet and sour sauce that came with the main, this made them pretty decent. As a main, you might see this one coming, we shared a sweet and sour crispy tofu and veggie fry. As well as the Thai style tofu curry. The stir fry was nicely seasoned and the veggies weren't overcooked, very tasty dish. The curry we liked better though. A bit spicy but not too much, and the 'prawns' that where in the stew were sooo yummy. We might have fought over the last piece. 

Everyday & CS vegan buffet 

If you know me, you know I love me some 'All you can eat', and with buffets that's precisely what you get. The first asian style buffet I tried was Everyday, not only because it was close by in TST but also because it's very cheap. Upon arriving I immediately grabbed me a plate and started to pile up the food. I wanted to taste as much as I could. I am not going to describe everything I ate but I am going to give you the tops and the nah's. The things I wouldn't get again were the purple sweet potato ball and the the weird fried thingy, the rest was all great. A definite get were the desserts, I went back for seconds and thirds... 
The second buffet I tried was a late night one so they didn't have everything anymore. We arrived to an almost empty place apart from to old Asian men and the woman who owned it. Who was lovely. She made some fresh dragons fruit and spring rolls for us. Both tasted delightful. I also got some noodles and other mixed asian cuisine food, all a bit oily but the taste made up for that. There also was some sweet soy chunks or whatever it was called. Still don't really know what it was to this day but damn defiantly try them, it was glorious. 

That concludes almost all I ate in Hong Kong, I do still have an impossible burger review and airplane food blog coming up. So stay tuned for that. 

Yours Faithfully,

What I ate in London

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hey hey, me again. I went to London for a long weekend to visit a friend of mine who is doing an internship there. We had an amazing time and consumed a lot of food. Check it out!


Unity Diner

I really wanted to eat here because maybe you know him, maybe you don't, earthling Ed opened this vegan restaurant in Shoreditch. He is an animal rights activist who I follow on insta. I find him ver inspiring and he has a great way of spreading the vegan movement. So me and my friend whom I was visiting went to check it out. We had the raw taco's as a starter which were okay, my friend loved them but I found the chocolate sauce just a bit of an odd combinations. Not really my thing. As mains we shared the fruity pancakes and the surge burger with added cheese and bacon. The pancakes were exactly the right amount of sweet and I loved all the ripe fruit that came with it. However the burger blew us away, it was so good! The bacon didn't do much for me but the cheese is really a must add. It made the burger perfect in balance flavor wise, it was also crunchy and juicy and a bit messy. In short, everything you want out of a burger. 
Side note; you really do have to book a table since it is busy most of the time. In addition to this it also takes quite a while for the food to come, I don't think the kitchen was ready for this much success. Good sing though, the word is spreading that plant based food can be just as good, maybe even better. 

Deliciously Ella

Ella is a vegan influencer whom I also found through instagram. She has a lot of amazing vegan food product on the market and her own deli downtown. I listen to her and her husbands podcast from time to time when I get ready so I only found it fitting to go there for breakfast. They have a whole breakfast bar, a wide selection of treats and a normal breakfast menu. I went for two dishes since they are quite small, don't let the picture fool you. However the price is adjusted to this so I won't say it's expensive for what you get.
I went for the blueberry pancakes and the shakshuka. The pancakes were good, didn't blow me away. The shakshuka, which I mainly got because I had no idea what it was, turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It was a hot tomato salsa with 'sour cream', avocado and sourdough bread. It was so tasty I almost inhaled the dish. A little spicy but not too much, creamy and with the bread the right amount of carbs to fill me up. The place is cutesy decorated and in a very easily assessable place in London near Bond Street.

Doughnut time 

I knew when coming to London that I wanted to get a doughnut. I had seen this place via youtube and knew they had a good vegan selection. So when I stumbled upon a shop at a metro exit I knew it was meant to be. I got the Santa bea bea upon advice from the cashier and she was not wrong. It was vanilla frosting cookie dough and brownie bits flavored. It was very sweet, yes that's the main flavor I got. The dough was soft and fluffy, overall just a very good doughnut. When I walked out I saw an even bigger shop and couldn't control myself, I had to get an other. So I got the coffee flavor. The sugar rush really kicked in at this point and I wasn't able to finish it. However I can describe the taste, which again was very sweet with a hint of coffee and caramel. Yeah I've had enough donuts for about two years I'd say. 


Redemption bar & temple of seitan 

As a hangover meal we decided to go for brunch at Redemption bar, a favorite of my friend. We went for the avocado toast on gluten free bread and the jackfruit burger. The burger was quite spicy and messy since pulled jackfruit isn't really a burger at all but okay it was still great. The fries were also nicely seasoned as well as the coleslaw. The avo-toast was the show stealer for this meal. There was nothing special with the mashed avocado but the bread was just delicious. Seriously I've never had bread that was this good in my life ever, and it was gluten free! Who would have thought, not me. I wish I could buy it by the loaf, because I would have bought to and brought them as my carry on back to The Netherlands, not exaggerating one bit. 

Temple of Seitan is a junk food chain in London. We went to the Camden one. My friend got the gluten free chicken warm, it was good, she let me have a bite and some of her fries. Very sweet of her, what are friends for am I right. I got the mac and cheese since I really had a craving for it. They were out of 'sour cream' but i'm actually happy about it. It meant that I got more of the bacon bits and boy they did it for me. The mac and cheese itself was creamy and nice and gave me a fussy warm childhood memory feeling even though I never had mac and cheese whilst growing up. But the bacon bits were on an other level. Don't know how they did it but damn. Furthermore we shared the gluten free BBQ wings. I thought after eating the mac and cheese it couldn't get better, well I was wrong. They were mouthwatering, soul fullfillingly good. Me and my friend took the first bite and looked at each other like 'are we in heaving'? No, but our mouths are. Seriously, angel peeing on my tongue and everything. Just go try them, they were amazing. 



I got a English pasty at a train station, I just wanted to try it out because it's very British. It was okay, I was hungry so it tasted good. The second thing I ate was at the airport where I got a vegan hummus wrap and mango pudding at Pret. They were better than the pastry for sure. I also got a vegan minced pie from costa which I wanted to save for back home but I didn't survive the flight. It was very sweet and reminded me of a little apple pie with raisins, which I guess it basically is. So yeah that was that. 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Yours Faithfully,

Why I went Vegan

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Why I went vegan.

Easily the best division I’ve ever made, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t always easy but in the end it is always rewarding. I went vegan on the 5th of june 2017. I could remember the specific date because I was living up to that moment and overjoyed that I was doing something that I myself could totally stand for. I even got a tattoo to symbolize it. It's ahimsa written in Devanagari, meaning non-violence; consciousness for all that lives. This might seem like a rushed decision and quite radicle but bare in mind that I had been vegetarian for 2,5 years at this point and tried a plan based diet for 3 months before going on my gap year. I had to put a stop to this since I was going to live on campus in New York and even the term vegetarian was somewhat difficult for them to comprehend. I had to live off of dry bagels, over or under ripe fruit, plain white rice with little veg and sometimes some plain tofu. It wasn't glamorous or very healthy for that matter. At this point I was only doing it to lessen my impact on the environment and save some lives by not eating meat or fish. When we went out for dinner I always made sure it was vegan and those meals really did me good. When I transferred to Hawaii I stayed in a host family the first month, my host mom could cook vegetarian but didn't use egg, butter and cheese and sauces sparingly. Although the wide tropical fruit selection was amazing! After a month I moved to the residency where I had to cook my own food. After being away for well over six months my pockets weren't as filled as in the beginning and Hawaii being an island didn't help much. Everything has to be imported, and i didn't have excess to any tools beside a pan and knife. So my dinners ended up mainly being mac and cheese. And yes the gross bacteria filled, cholesterol bomb cheese kinda thing. Looking back I coulee easily just bought tined tomatoes to create a sauce out of that, wish I had had that revelation sooner. However, consuming cheese for most of my meals did make me not miss it at all after going vegan so that's a plus. 

When I came home after spending nine months abroad the time had finally come to turn to veganism completely. I had all the resources and consumed all the information I could fit into my brain at this point. I was ready. I switched to moment I walked into my house and never looked back since.
It wasn't that hard for me, I never miss meat, cheese on rare occasion. If I do want one or the other I turn to a plant based alternative and my craving is satisfied. Milk and yoghurt are easily replaced. I never have to walk past the sweets isle, because there ain't anything for me anyway. Therefore I don't get tempted to buy anything. Obviously I do cheat, I like me some chocolate, cookies, ice cream, burgers, fries anything junk. Everything in moderation. I don't believe that restricting yourself completely is healthy, not mentally.
When I moved to Amsterdam that summer it became even easier. I live next to a big market and there is wide range of veggie restaurants in there. My housemate/ best friend didn't mind eating plant based with me. Slowly but surely I showed her all the documentaries and shared my knowledge. She turned vegan half a year later. My other best friend had turned at the beginning of the school year after I spoke about it with her. My parents are mostly vegan too and my aunt/uncle/nephew eat plant based as well. They turned at about the same time as me, for health reasons only. Recently a good friend of mine, who has struggled with diet/bad digestion for quite some time now, went vegan as well. She also discovered she had a gluten intolerance, the combination off plant based and gluten free food has completely cured here stomach aches and bad digestion. She's also eating more then ever and losing weight while doing so.
This isn't uncommon. All the people I know who went vegan lost some unnecessary weight, myself included. But this isn't the only positive effect, my skin is clearer then ever before, my nails don't brake anymore, my hair grows faster, my skin glows golden and my ability for endurance sports went up high.
During a school assignment I got the chance to measure my metabolic age. Your metabolic age will give you an idea of what kind of physical health you are in using your base metabolic rate. If your metabolic age is lower than your actual age, it means your body is in good health. My metabolic age rounded up to only 12, I am 19. It was nice to have the confirmation that besides feeling healthy, my body was indeed very healthy. 

Being vegan isn’t just about following a plant based diet, it’s a lifestyle. 
Helping the environment and not depriving the earth of everything it has to offer. Health, choosing the right food to nourish the body and not sponsor the fucked up medicine, dairy/egg, meat/fish industry. Saving souls, just because our species (humans) our able to verbally express our feelings doesn’t mean other beings don’t have them.
If you are interested in becoming vegan or even if you just need some motivation to eat a little less of the bad and more of the good, follow this link to my blogpost where you’ll find all the scientific prove plus a lot more to why it’s the best for well everything/everyone.

Why become vegan? 
Scientific proof and a lot more:
what the health                     (Netflix)
Cowspiracy                          (Netflix)
Forks over knives                (Netflix)
Food matters                        (Netflix)
Blackfish                              (Netflix)
Dominion                              (Netflix)
Nutrion facts               
101 reasons to go vegan
best speech ever       

People who inspired me:

Niomi Smart             
Ellen Fischer             
James Aspey                       (Instragram)
Chase Armitage                  (Instagram)
Leonardo DiCaprio             (You know him)
Supreme Banana        
Tess begg                   
Maddie lymburner     

How to eat vegan?

Pinterest is your best friend, trust me on that one. Just look on my Pinterest or search for any recipe with vegan behind the search and you will find the plant-based option.
Example: Shepherds pie vegan
Furthermore, I'd recommend you to download the app HappyCow, it show all the veggie restaurants near you. You can also plan ahead a look for places in other areas. (it also includes shops/vegan options in vegetarian or non-veg restaurants)

These people have tons of amazing recipes, check 'em out!

Healthy crazy cool     
Gaz Oakley (avantgardevegan)
Simonet nutrition       
Hot For Food             
Frommy bowls                    (Instagram)

Bulking or getting lean? These are some incredible vegan fitness influencers! 

Tess begg                   
Maddie lymburner     
Jon Venus                  
Naturally Stefanie     
Grace fit uk               
Brain Turner             

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