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Beyond Meat Burger Review

The beyond meat burger Green common Beyond meat truffel burger:  If you don’t know the hype around the beyond meat burger you are kinda late to the game but let me explain. It's a vegan burger designed to look and taste exactly like the real deal. Even though I was  hastened  to try it because the taste of meat doesn’t sound very appetizing to me I just had to know. I ordered it with a side salad since I saw it was on the menu just to get some greens in. If i had known it would’ve been just a bunch of leaves id definitely gone for the sweet potato fries that go with it. My burger verdict; yes it does in my opinion look and tastes exactly like it. However I do not enjoy the taste of meat that much anymore so it was just alright for me. Now if you are a meat eater or enjoy the taste of it I couldn’t recommend you more to just give it a shot. You’re not missing out on anything, on the contrary, you’re saving a life and helping out the environment. No excuses left. Recently  

What I ate in Hong Kong N0.2

Hiiii! Well the only thing I seem to post these days our food blogs. But let's be honest, what's better than food, not a lot. So let's get into it. Pop vegan  After doing a long and pretty intense hike me and a friend found ourselves craving some Italian food or just in general carbs. We found this place which serves both. We got the vegan cheese four seasons pizza which was light but very tasty and a really good choice if you can't decide on toppings ever. I mean, that's me. With this pizza you basically get all of them. It was delicious. We also shared some artichoke and cheese enchilada's which were surprisingly good. I went in a bit confused by the combo of flavors but was definitely not  disappointed. As a dessert we got the raw cheesecake but it was gone before I could take the pic. That says enough I guess.     Loving Hut  After an other hike, yes I did derserve all those calories. I went to a vegan chain restaurant that's to be

What I ate in London

Hey hey, me again. I went to London for a long weekend to visit a friend of mine who is doing an internship there. We had an amazing time and consumed a lot of food. Check it out!                    Unity Diner I really wanted to eat here because maybe you know him, maybe you don't, earthling Ed opened this vegan restaurant in Shoreditch. He is an animal rights activist who I follow on insta. I find him ver inspiring and he has a great way of spreading the vegan movement. So me and my friend whom I was visiting went to check it out. We had the raw taco's as a starter which were okay, my friend loved them but I found the chocolate sauce just a bit of an odd combinations. Not really my thing. As mains we shared the fruity  pancakes and the surge burger with added cheese and bacon. The pancakes were exactly the right amount of sweet and I loved all the ripe fruit that came with it. However the burger blew us away, it was so good! The bacon didn't do much for me but th

Why I went Vegan

  Why I went vegan. Easily the best division I’ve ever made, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t always easy but in the end it is always rewarding.  I went vegan on the 5th of june 2017. I could remember the specific date because I was living up to that moment and overjoyed that I was doing something that I myself could totally stand for. I even got a tattoo to symbolize it. It's ahimsa written in  Devanagar i , meaning non-violence; consciousness for all that lives. This might seem like a rushed decision and quite radicle but bare in mind that I had been vegetarian for 2,5 years at this point and tried a plan based diet for 3 months before going on my gap year. I had to put a stop to this since I was going to live on campus in New York and even the term vegetarian was somewhat difficult for them to comprehend. I had to live off of dry bagels, over or under ripe fruit, plain white rice with little veg and sometimes some plain tofu. It wasn't glamorous or very healthy f