Beyond Meat Burger Review

The beyond meat burger

Green common Beyond meat truffel burger: 
If you don’t know the hype around the beyond meat burger you are kinda late to the game but let me explain. It's a vegan burger designed to look and taste exactly like the real deal. Even though I was hastened to try it because the taste of meat doesn’t sound very appetizing to me I just had to know. I ordered it with a side salad since I saw it was on the menu just to get some greens in. If i had known it would’ve been just a bunch of leaves id definitely gone for the sweet potato fries that go with it. My burger verdict; yes it does in my opinion look and tastes exactly like it. However I do not enjoy the taste of meat that much anymore so it was just alright for me. Now if you are a meat eater or enjoy the taste of it I couldn’t recommend you more to just give it a shot. You’re not missing out on anything, on the contrary, you’re saving a life and helping out the environment. No excuses left.
Recently even the big and famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio joined the vegan movement. He is a know environmentalist and so stated; "Livestock production is a major contributor to carbon emissions," said DiCaprio. "Shifting from animal meat to the plant-based meats developed by Beyond Meat is one of the most powerful measures someone can take to reduce their impact on our climate. Beyond Meat's ability to create appealing, healthy meat directly from plants will go a long way in helping every day consumers take action on climate change.". And I couldn't agree more, we need to find our protein somewhere else. I mean we live in 2018 we should know better by now. We have the money and resources to make the change. Let us for once fix the problem before it get catastrophic. 
How you can help to reduce your CO2 footprint and save innocent lives. Try a plant based diet. There are alternatives for every food item you might want. Like the beyond meat burger and a lot more! 
I listed most of them below:

  • Alpro (dairy) 
  • Wilmersburger (dairy) 
  • Vivera (protein) 
  • De vegetarische slager (protein)
  • So fine (protein)
  • Garden Gourmet (protein)
  • Quorn (protein)
  • Good bite (protein)
  • Jumbo veggie chef (protein)
  • Albert Heijn (protein & pasta)
  • Beyond Meat (protein)
  • Field Roast (protein)
  • Gardein (protein)
  • Tofurky (protein)
  • Tofu (protein)
  • Tempeh (protein)
  • Califia Farms (dairy) 
  • Daiya (dairy) 
  • Earth Balance (dairy) 
  • Follow Your Heart (dairy) 
  • Kite Hill (dairy) 
  • Miyoko’s (dairy) 
  • Ripple (dairy) 
  • Silk (dairy) 
  • So Delicious (dairy) 
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