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Compilation of Happiness

- Mental health - Physical health - Sleep - Vegan food - Meditation - Words of affirmation - Ginger tea - Salt lamp/fairy lights - Oatmeal with extra peanut butter - Physical touch - Travel - Family - Sunrise - Sunset - Love - Hiking - Flowers - Surfing - Passing a test - Reading - Learning - Growing - Deep conversations - Freshly washed linnen - Polaroids - The smell after rain - Perfectly polished nails - Morning walks - You Yours Faithfully, Elianne

What to do in Hong Kong

Dragons back Hiking may not be the first thing you think of when going to Hong Kong but as of now it should definitely be on the list. Dragons back is one of the most popular hikes to do, however it isn't a busy track. We went at the end of the midday, I highly recommend doing so. You'll avoid most of the other hikers, the heat and end at the top during sunset. After that it's only a short hike down in the dark from where you can take the bus back.                    Sai kung hike  Sai kung hike is one of those hikes that has almost everything. From beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rock climbing, stairs, forrest paths, cliff jumping and food stops. It is also how difficult and long you want to make it. The  way to the first beach is very easy and fast, after that there are a lot more beaches to go to as well as a waterfall from where you can do some pretty high cliff jumping. The way back up the stairs is a killer but if you're in for something easi