What to do in Hong Kong

Dragons back

Hiking may not be the first thing you think of when going to Hong Kong but as of now it should definitely be on the list. Dragons back is one of the most popular hikes to do, however it isn't a busy track. We went at the end of the midday, I highly recommend doing so. You'll avoid most of the other hikers, the heat and end at the top during sunset. After that it's only a short hike down in the dark from where you can take the bus back. 


Sai kung hike 

Sai kung hike is one of those hikes that has almost everything. From beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rock climbing, stairs, forrest paths, cliff jumping and food stops. It is also how difficult and long you want to make it. The way to the first beach is very easy and fast, after that there are a lot more beaches to go to as well as a waterfall from where you can do some pretty high cliff jumping. The way back up the stairs is a killer but if you're in for something easier, like we were, you can take a speedboat back. It goes every hour and is worth the money, especially if you take it during sunset. The views are spectacular, and the you arrive back in Sai Kung in no time.


There are many beautiful temples in Hong Kong. The one above is the Man Mo, a temple in the city center. Right next to cat market where you can get all your antique souvenirs.
Nan Lian Garden and Chi lin nunnery should also be on your to do list. The typical asian garden complete with carper filled pond and tiny waterfall is a sight to see. With the calm and serene vibe you can come to peace in the middle of the city and admire the precise architectural skills of the asian culture. There is also a vegetarian restaurant on the premisses. The nunnery is attached to the gardens, you enter via a grand door into a square temple. Golden statues await you, as well as respect and the scent of incense.


Insta hot spots

Hong kong isn't only fun, for the ones looking for a great pic, you're in the right place. You can go to the Yick Cheong Building or ride a ding ding (tram) and get a perfect shot. Besides that riding a ding ding is a lot of fun. 
In SoHo there are a lot of cool graffiti walls to discover. You might need to fight some other tourist for a spot, but it's worth it in my opinion. 


Even though the waves weren't perfect when we went surfing it was still worth the trip. The trip from the city to big wave bay will take up most of your day, but it is easy to combine with a hike in the area. i'd recommend checking first of the waves are descent and if so, go! Even if you haven't surfed before, the rent of a board is cheap and the waves aren't far out. Easy to access even for beginners.

Victoria's Peak and Night life

Hiking to Victoria's peak will definitely make you sweat out all the dumplings and steamed buns you just consumed. Not only that, it will give you the best view of the city. For the less active, there is also a cable car going up and down. 
Hong kong night life is the best way to end the trip. Starting at a rooftop bar like ozone and drinking you way down to Lan Kwai for some clubbing. Or maybe a late night massage, whatever your deal is.

Hope you have a great trip!

Yours Faithfully,


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