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Vegan at Rollende Keukens

Hey food truck lovers, it's me again with a new review of vegan food. On June 1st two fellow vegans and I went to Rollende Keukens Festival in Amsterdam. It was located outside Westergasfabriek. Prime location for organizing such an event, especially with the beautiful weather we had! The day was filled with consuming food joyfully without any suffering involved. We tested 10 of the Best Vegan options. Critiquing them on looks, overal taste, low waste and the ability to somehow consume it with grace. 1.0 Friethoes vergane glorie Okay we can all see this burger is very aesthetically pleasing, no need to further discuss that. You just want to inhale it in one go. Although that wasn't entirely possible because it was a bit messy to eat. The jackfruit was made into an actual burger, not just some loose pieces you sometimes find. Topped with delicious kerrie mayo, crispy onions, sriracha and some veg. The burger bun was plain but it paired beautifully with the burger. Now