HI!! I went to a museum again. Let me tell you about it. 
Moco museum in Amsterdam got my attention because they have a large Banksy and now and a Kusama expo. I love Banksy's street style graffiti art and really wanted to see his work up close. Afterwards I found out that this museum is on Banksy's list of illegal expositions. As in he did not give them permission to show his art. So something to think about if you're considering a visit. Nonetheless it was awesome to see his take on controversial topics. 
The Kusama part was very small and therefore kind of a let down. 
However, we really came for the Amethyst Ball Cavern created by Daniel Arsham. He has done a new show called Connection Time and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved his take on it with connection the alternative realty with architecture and pop culture objects. 
We didn't spend much time there since it is not a big museum and usually crowded. It was still a fun activity, especially since we went out for food afterwards. 



Yours Faithfully,


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