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What I ate in Cuba

Hello! It's been a while since we last spoke but I think this post will be a good one to catch up ;) This summer I went to Central America including Cuba. As you could probably guess by now, this is a what I ate there as a vegan. As predicted it was quite hard. For one, Cuba doesn't really have import, therefore they only eat what they can grow. Secondly, Cubans looooove their meat/fish and cheese. Luckily there is this space age technology now called the internet. So I could do all my stalking beforehand. The one I'm going to talk about first was based in Vinales called  Finca Agroecol√≥gica El Paraiso AKA  organic farm. We arrived after cycling thirty minutes in 40 degrees celsius heat up a steep hill. The view was amazing and made it all worth it. We were sat at a table overlooking the valley and organic farm where birds flew from palmtree too palmtree. After asking if we could have the lunch vegan they gave us a so many plates full of fresh organic food. Includi