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Helsinki, cold but colorful

Hey you! I'm happy you're interested in reading about my days in this city, in my bias opinion, it's worth it! Okay so this trip was rather random, I'd spoken with my Finnish friend Amanda a couple of times about me visiting her so totally unplanned it was not, but still it happend rather quickly. I had a free couple of days as she did, I looked up if there were any cheap flights and some minutes later the trip was a fact. I still had to wait a little while but it was definitely worth it! I arrived Thursday morning, Amanda picked me up at the airport, we went to her house to drop of my stuff and than straight into the city center to go explore. It was pretty cold, around 0 Celsius and very windy. Nonetheless, it was still beautiful. Helsinki is full of amazing urban and colorful architecture; a lot of pastel colors, Parisian/Roman influences like pillars and balconies all around. Something that makes a travel photographer drool about. Furthermore we visit

Coconut Chia seed Pudding

Hi people Elianne here, I've been really into making this chia pudding recently and thought why not share it? I make it the night before since it needs to be put in the fridge overnight, but this actually saves me a lot of time in the morning. So if you are looking for a healthy, easy, fast and filling breakfast I'm coming to your rescue. This breakfast is very nutrient dense and full of healthy fats that are a necessity in your diet to get all the right amino-acids. You can also take it with you if you are really in a hurry. Okay I'll stop talking now and just give you the recipe. You know how that works, just follow the steps. You will need: - Half a cup/ 86 grams + two tbsp chia seeds (you can also use two tbsp of flax/hemp seeds to mix it up a bit) - 1 1/2 cup/ 375 ml (plant-based milk of choice) I used a mix of coconut and almond milk - 1 tsp vanille extract  - 2 tbsp of agave syrup (this is entirely up to taste) - 2 tbsp coconut shaving  - fr