Museum Voorlinden

Friday, May 24, 2019

Hey art enthusiast!

I recently went to the Voorlinden museum in Wassenaar and thought I'd share my experience :)
It was a Thursday midday with very nice weather. And I specify this because this meant there weren't a lot of people. Those who were there, all above 50 haha. So we fitted right in.
You might remember Renee my mistress in mischief whom I met in NY. She kept me company during this trip into aesthetics.
Upon arrival we drove onto a big estate. It had a beautiful country house, where you could dine, and a lot of greenery surrounding it. (We had a picnic later on) The museum is also on the same land. It resembles a futuristic looking building with a lot of white and glass. I rather like this for museums. The price wasn't great. They didn't have any student discount so we had to pay the full price of 17,50.. However in my opinion it's worth it if you go during this exhibition. The Yahoo Kusama exhibition travels, especially the Infinity room is a rarity to have close by. On busy days you only get 45 sec. in it, that's why it's best to go on a week day. We got to go in multiple times, without having to wait. The rest of the art was great as well. Even though it didn't make me feel certain emotions or provoked any thoughts it did make me want to create more myself.
Besides the Infinity room you have the famous small elevators, walk in swimming pool, giant grandparents on the beach and some more. We spent around two hours indoors, the rest was spent outside eating, drinking, chatting and enjoying the sunshine.
Definitely a day worth remembering.
(If you'd like to see more (like moving images) look on my instagram under story; Art)



Yours Faithfully,

Vegan Sushi review

Monday, May 20, 2019

Hey Sushi lover!
You've come to the right address if you want to read about me devouring some sushi. I saw a Facebook event named vegan sushi event en needn't know more. I was going. It was held in de stad tuin in Utrecht. The place was small but perfect for the occasion.

We started off with a buddha bowl. (last pic) it had orange and purple sweet potato, soy crisps, vegetable and some great sauces. We drank Saki with it, which was served warm. 

After that sushi round one came. (middle left) It consisted of mango/wasabi, avocado/guacamole, cucumber/sweet potato/sweet sauce, cucumber/carrot/spicy sauce maki. Im not the biggest fan of wasabi but if you are that one would probably be your favorite. I basically liked all the others.

Next round had purple sweet potato/beet mayo, cabbage/curry, soy/sweet sugar maki. (middle right) They were all delicious and gone in no time. It paired perfectly with my mannen liefde beer. 

Third came the beyond meat sushi burger. I was really excited about this because one; beyond meat is something I'm always down to try; plus I thought it was very inventive to put in sushi. Let alone a sushi burger. How instragrammble is that! They put sriracha mayo and zucchini in between for some added flavor kick. 

Last but not least we got a noodle dish put onder our noses. And it smelled so good. It was teriyaki noodles with sautéed vegetables and tofu. (top left)  Wouldn't change anything about the dish at all. Maybe that it came with a spoon so I could scoop up all the little bits. 

Unfortunately I also have some criticisms. The amount of food we good was fine for the price but it took a long time for each round to be served. And with a long time I really mean a long ass time. If they would change that for the next event then I'd be more than down to go again.

So overall I had a lovely night. Most of it was spent on Happn looking for a hot date for my friend since we had a lot of time to kill. No harsh feelings, it was rather amusing. Plus she might have scored a guy. We could not have wanted more. 



Yours Faithfully,


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