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My Fav Vegan places in NYC N.02

By CHLOE Overall 4,4 Food 5 Venue 4 Location 4,3 This must be my favorite off all, it was my go to and therefore I tried almost the whole menu. Spoiler alert; I liked it all! The guac veggie burger is amazing seriously I could it every day. It's nice and creamy especially with fries (sweet potato, or normal) and a beet ketchup or spicy mayo you're all set. The hot dog is very good, fresh and spicy at the same time. The pesto pasta is precisely the right amount of pesto, but if cilantro isn't your fav let this one slide. The mac and cheese , Oh my god it's the best I've ever had, even better than the 'real' one in my opinion. They but some smoked mushroom on it, how they do it is a mystery but it tasted EXACTLY like bacon. The purple smoothie is creamy, sweet, fruity and nicely filling. The quinoa salad must be my favorite of all. It is loaded with all the good stuff, you get quinoa which on it's own is already good. Even more you g