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Helsinki food tour

Hi foodie! At least I estimate you are, I mean who doesn't like food?! Well for all things delicious you're definitely at the right address. This post is about all the vegan restaurants I checked out whilst exploring the Finnish capital Helsinki, get a snack cuz you might get hungry! I'll start with healthy meal, just to compensate with everything that comes next. Life's all about a good balance. This place is actually the last place I visited on my trip but hey better late than never. The restaurant is called Roots and is all organic/gluten free/vegan, what's not to love about that? I got the raw zucchini pasta, which was a big plate full! Normally after a raw meal in a restaurant I tend to still be hungry because they just don't serve big enough options but that was not the case this time around. The plate was filled to the rim with amazing pesto zucchini noodles topped with cashews, sun dried tomatoes, sprouts and a slice of lovely nut bread with b