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What I ate in Hong Kong N0.1

Hi vegans or other earthlings that might want to cut on there meat intake or just general CO2 footprint. You're at the post. Now let me tell you all about the delicious food I consumed during my stay in Hong Kong! Veggie SF  Veggie SF might not be the most tasty food I consumed but the place itself made it worthy to mention. I had the vietnamese noodles, it was lovely fresh and light on the stomach. The fried tofu gave it the fish feel but not in a gross way. As a dessert a had the banana bread which was delish, especially with the coconut whipped cream. But what really made the restaurant great was the service, we where helped by this lovely girl who could tell us a lot. Before leaving I asked if she had any recommendations for restaurants what followed into a thirty minute long convo about veganism. Loved it! Supabowl & Fresca                      If you know me even a little you know that I love me a Acai bowl. So even in a city like HK where you don't

What to do in Bali

Hi globetrotters, here I am with a post about my Bali adventures. Giving you a quick insight on what to do in Bali! First of all I would recommend renting a scooter, it's a convenient and vast way to travel. But be aware the traffic in Indonesia is crazy, so if you're a bit hesitant download the app Go-Jek. It is basically the same as Uber but you can also travel by scooter. Rice fields & Swing    There are rice fields everywhere on Bali, the Tegallalang being one of the most famous one. We visited them in a time that the rice was just harvested so it was a bit less green. However it is definitely worth the visit because you can swing above the fields. There is this tourist attraction called the Bali swing were you have a lot of swings, duhh, and some cocoons. People useably just go there for the pictures but the line's are long and it is a bit expensive. So this option we did is way better in my experience. Temple                      A must do i

Sourced box review

Hi there! Are you interested in a subscription box and looking for a review than you are in the right place. Let me tell you my opinion and afterward you can make up your own. You know is it your thing or is it even worth it. Sourced box is a healthy snack delivery service that's delivered once a month. The goodies are natural, mostly organic and totally vegan. I had a year long subscription, 12 boxes, so I can give you a over all review of what the boxes mostly consist of, the quality and if it's worth the price. A annual subscription is 216 euro's (189,95 pounds) and monthly 21,6 euro's (18,95 pounds). Not very cheap I know. Let me start by saying that I was never disappointed with the taste, overall they were all enjoyable and every box consisted of a variety of different sweet/savory snacks. Most packages included one drink, at least one protein/nut/fruit bar and chocolate. Then some included chips/some other crunchy/puffed item or a more dessert style treat

Bali food tour N.03

Hai  orang tersayang, meaning hallo loves in indonesian. I thought let's try something new with this final bali blogpost were unfortunately discus the last vegan restaurants..  Cafe organic Cafe organic is popular spot in the center of changgu's city life. We went here a couple a times just to take away dessert, we really got addicted to there chocolate caramel biscuit (or whatever the name was). However we did also stop by to have breakfast before going to yoga. We shared the lovers pancakes and the pesto & pumpkin toast. The pancakes were excellent, it had been some time since I last had pancakes so these strawberry pancakes really hit the spot. If you're not to big on sweet pancakes maybe get the toast because they really were quite sweet. The toast was great and not overly complicated. The crunchy nuts with vegan cheese on top make it different from the normal toast. They didn't over do it which was nice, especially as a breakfast.  As our last prope