What I ate in Hong Kong N0.1

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hi vegans or other earthlings that might want to cut on there meat intake or just general CO2 footprint. You're at the post. Now let me tell you all about the delicious food I consumed during my stay in Hong Kong!

Veggie SF 

Veggie SF might not be the most tasty food I consumed but the place itself made it worthy to mention. I had the vietnamese noodles, it was lovely fresh and light on the stomach. The fried tofu gave it the fish feel but not in a gross way. As a dessert a had the banana bread which was delish, especially with the coconut whipped cream. But what really made the restaurant great was the service, we where helped by this lovely girl who could tell us a lot. Before leaving I asked if she had any recommendations for restaurants what followed into a thirty minute long convo about veganism. Loved it!

Supabowl & Fresca 

If you know me even a little you know that I love me a Acai bowl. So even in a city like HK where you don't necessarily thing of tropical iced smoothies I will seek out the spot that serves them. Low and behold I found Supabowl, you can choose from five varieties or create your own, which is what I did. I went back for breakfast two days later, yes it was that good.
Fresca is a tiny spot where you can create your own salad, perfect to take on a hike or surf expedition. I opted for the large box which lasted me for lunch and dinner. They really stuff it good. I liked that it wasn't to greasy, also you can make the meal as light or filling how you want. With the option between rice or lettuce or a mix as base and all the different toppings. Definitely well worth your HK Dollars!

Grassroot pantry 


Even though it might not look the most apprising the gyoza's where extremely good. With a nice filling and a creamy mushroom sauce it was a good first try at gyoza's for me. Then a had the buddha bowl which I could, again, create myself. It was good not great but fueled me well for the hike we did after!

Gaia veggie shop 

This is the only restaurant I have regrets about, not about the food but more about my choices. It is a all veggie restaurant but I was so shocked by all the shrimp and pork being mentioned on the menu that I chickened, no pun intended, out. It was only after that I realized how much I missed out of eating vegan salmon sushi but by then it was too late.. I opted for the veggie handroll, just OK, the veggie dumpling which were alright and the veggie sushi which I liked the best. I would recommend this, just don't be hesitant and order yourself some vegan meat.

LN Fortunate Coffee

A decent vegan breakfast is hard to come by in HK since most places don't open before 11AM, however this cute restaurant serves an entire vegan breakfast menu. This includes oatmeal, sausages waffles and more. I opted for the waffles, I was just craving something sweet to start off my day. Although I didn't look like a lot to me, it was filling enough to keep me exploring for a while. The waffles were warm and crispy but soft on the insight and pared with the chocolate sauce it had just the right amount of sweetness. Some added fruit for health and there you have yourself a really great breakfast served with a warm cup of coffee.


Last but most certainly not least is Mana fast food. I think this might be the best meal I had in hong kong. I tried one of there specialty Falafel flatbread which was soooo yummm. It was nice and warm and juicy with the right amount of perfectly spiced falafel. But let me tell you that burger was indescribable. The burger is quite soft but scores good in the taste department, but what really stole the show was the white sauce on top. It was sour, sweet, creamy and salty all at the same time and went perfectly with the burger. Even if you are just passing through HK, make a pit stop here. You're welcome in advance.

Yours Faithfully,

What to do in Bali

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Hi globetrotters, here I am with a post about my Bali adventures. Giving you a quick insight on what to do in Bali!

First of all I would recommend renting a scooter, it's a convenient and vast way to travel. But be aware the traffic in Indonesia is crazy, so if you're a bit hesitant download the app Go-Jek. It is basically the same as Uber but you can also travel by scooter.

Rice fields & Swing 


There are rice fields everywhere on Bali, the Tegallalang being one of the most famous one. We visited them in a time that the rice was just harvested so it was a bit less green. However it is definitely worth the visit because you can swing above the fields. There is this tourist attraction called the Bali swing were you have a lot of swings, duhh, and some cocoons. People useably just go there for the pictures but the line's are long and it is a bit expensive. So this option we did is way better in my experience.



A must do in any Asian country is visit the temple's. Usually every temple will have its own story and a great way to emerge yourself in the local culture. We went to the Taman Ayun, which is a great example of traditional Balinese Hindu temple architecture. 
The Tanah Lot Temple I found the most awe-inspiring, we went during golden hour and if you can see past all the tourist you get the most amazing view of temple, ocean and sunset in one. 
Tirta Empul Temple is a water temple, people come here to purify themselves. As a visitor you are welcome to partake in the tradition.  


Bali has some of the most breathtaking sunsets there are. One day we sat on Echo beach drinking a coconut, observing the many handsome surfers and watching the sun go down. It was quite magical.
The sunset at Tanah Lot temple is, apart from the many tourist, lovely as well.



Last but certainly not least I'd recommend you to visit a waterfall. There are stunning waterfalls all over the island. We visited the Tegenungan waterfall. You take a hike down to the waterfall, easy enough for all ages, and come upon this very big and gushing waterfall. There is a tiny bath/pool and for the brave, you are aloud to swing relatively close to the waterfall. It was for sure a sight I did not want to have missed during my trip.

That concludes my tops and tips of what to do in Bali. If you want some foodspiration check out my Bali food tours!

Yours Faithfully,

Sourced box review

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Hi there! Are you interested in a subscription box and looking for a review than you are in the right place. Let me tell you my opinion and afterward you can make up your own. You know is it your thing or is it even worth it.
Sourced box is a healthy snack delivery service that's delivered once a month. The goodies are natural, mostly organic and totally vegan.
I had a year long subscription, 12 boxes, so I can give you a over all review of what the boxes mostly consist of, the quality and if it's worth the price. A annual subscription is 216 euro's (189,95 pounds) and monthly 21,6 euro's (18,95 pounds). Not very cheap I know.

Let me start by saying that I was never disappointed with the taste, overall they were all enjoyable and every box consisted of a variety of different sweet/savory snacks. Most packages included one drink, at least one protein/nut/fruit bar and chocolate. Then some included chips/some other crunchy/puffed item or a more dessert style treat like a mini cake. Sometimes I got a mini trail mix or granola box. I would say that I think that if you buy all the items separately you would end up with a higher amount. So quality wise it's pretty decent as well. You just have to choke up all the money at once (if you take yearly, which would be cheaper than buying them all monthly).
The most fun about sourced box I found was that it introduced me to a lot of vegan brand that I had never heard of before. You get a little pamphlet in the box highlighting some company's and telling you their story. However most were British brands exclusively, meaning I couldn't buy them again here in The Netherlands, I did have a way broader spectrum and didn't get bored eating them.

Overall I would say that yes it's expensive but it is a lot of fun to try it out for a year. You just get out of the grind of eating the some old things every time and you can make all you friends curious/jealous about the new exciting treats that you are feasting on!

Yours Faithfully,

Bali food tour N.03

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Hai orang tersayang, meaning hallo loves in indonesian. I thought let's try something new with this final bali blogpost were unfortunately discus the last vegan restaurants.. 

Cafe organic

Cafe organic is popular spot in the center of changgu's city life. We went here a couple a times just to take away dessert, we really got addicted to there chocolate caramel biscuit (or whatever the name was). However we did also stop by to have breakfast before going to yoga. We shared the lovers pancakes and the pesto & pumpkin toast. The pancakes were excellent, it had been some time since I last had pancakes so these strawberry pancakes really hit the spot. If you're not to big on sweet pancakes maybe get the toast because they really were quite sweet. The toast was great and not overly complicated. The crunchy nuts with vegan cheese on top make it different from the normal toast. They didn't over do it which was nice, especially as a breakfast. 
As our last proper meal we went back to get some latte's and a acai bowl. The latte's were good and the acai bowl as wel, very much liked the toppings and the acai itself was very fresh. For sure a good meal to end off with. 

Poke Poke & Nalu bowls

Poke poke was recommend by a blogger online saying it had good vegan poke. Me having spent three months in Hawaii, the origin of poke bowls, I was a tat hasitent to try it. I was right in doing so, not impressed at all. The taste was okay and that pretty much sums it up. It also didn't fill me up which I hate because I really dislike going to bed still hungry. Although I must admit that you could choose the base of the dish, quinoa or red rice. 
Nalu bowls however was a hit. You could choose from 6 different bowls all named after iconic surfing locations. I opted for the Uluwatu without honey and it did not disappoint. The bowl was not overly sweet and the home made granola is definitely a hit for me. Nice and crunch but not overpowering. My friend had the pipeline bowl with aded almonds, which was delisch as well.There are multiple locations in bali where you can get them, all quite instagrammable. We went to the one near echo beach. It was quite small and if it is busy you could have trouble with setting, we didn't though. 

Motion cafe

Doest that wafel just immediately catch your eye? Well sorry but imma start with the zucchini pasta. What a tease am I. The pesto zucchini pasta with crunchy almond flakes and tomatoes topped with green peas was nicely seasoned and light. But because of the added protein not so light that you were left feeling unsatisfied. Overall a very fine choice as lunch. 
The protein waffles I can not recommend you more. We opted for the plant protein with coconut yogurt and cinnamon-apple-almond topping.  It was served warm, they make it fresh, which added immensely to the eating pleasure. It was sweet but not overly sugary. It had a nice crunch on the outside and was fluffy on the inside. We came back for more, however they didn't have the vegan option anymore so we decided on the sweet potato version. Not as satisfactory as the previous, a lot more dense. However still wonderful. Only downside is that because they make it fresh, you might have to wait a while. I'd day it's totally worth it though. 

My parting tip would be to visit a local restaurant were you can enjoy the indonesian food in a very cultural way. We sat in a tiny hut above a stream next to a rice field. Even though ordering vegan was quite the sport it was still a very cool experience. One I would have not wanted to miss out on.

And that concludes the bali food tour series. I could cry/sob/weep, just all the tears. Maybe a bit dramatic but I just love food so much..
Hope you found it somewhat useful or fun to read. See ya for the next food series. It's definitely coming. 

Yours Faithfully,

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