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Bali food tour N.02

Hey hey, me again, talking about food. Again.. Let's get right into it, we've got a lot more bali food to cover. Alchemy & Seeds of Life Me and my travel friend visited Ubud for a day. We did a tour to see all te amazing spots like; waterfalls, rice fields, monkey forrest and temples. As well as a little food tour to see what all the vegan cafe's in Ubud had to offer. The once we went to worth mentioning were Alchemy (top pics) and seeds of life (bottom pic).  Alchemy:  Alchemy was a raw food cafe/shop/yoga studio, they had a wide a sortiment of foods. Including a salad bar, smoothie bowl bar (which I had, you got to chose your smoothie and fruit/toppings of choice) and a menu cart from which we shared te raw pizza and cauliflower sushi. Wow that was pizza was just amazing and very filling. The sushi was okay, I just prefer real rice sushi. The smoothie bowl was also delicious and fun because I got to chose every element I wanted in there.  Seeds of li