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What I ate in Cuba

Hello! It's been a while since we last spoke but I think this post will be a good one to catch up ;) This summer I went to Central America including Cuba. As you could probably guess by now, this is a what I ate there as a vegan. As predicted it was quite hard. For one, Cuba doesn't really have import, therefore they only eat what they can grow. Secondly, Cubans looooove their meat/fish and cheese. Luckily there is this space age technology now called the internet. So I could do all my stalking beforehand. The one I'm going to talk about first was based in Vinales called  Finca Agroecol√≥gica El Paraiso AKA  organic farm. We arrived after cycling thirty minutes in 40 degrees celsius heat up a steep hill. The view was amazing and made it all worth it. We were sat at a table overlooking the valley and organic farm where birds flew from palmtree too palmtree. After asking if we could have the lunch vegan they gave us a so many plates full of fresh organic food. Includi

Vegan at Rollende Keukens

Hey food truck lovers, it's me again with a new review of vegan food. On June 1st two fellow vegans and I went to Rollende Keukens Festival in Amsterdam. It was located outside Westergasfabriek. Prime location for organizing such an event, especially with the beautiful weather we had! The day was filled with consuming food joyfully without any suffering involved. We tested 10 of the Best Vegan options. Critiquing them on looks, overal taste, low waste and the ability to somehow consume it with grace. 1.0 Friethoes vergane glorie Okay we can all see this burger is very aesthetically pleasing, no need to further discuss that. You just want to inhale it in one go. Although that wasn't entirely possible because it was a bit messy to eat. The jackfruit was made into an actual burger, not just some loose pieces you sometimes find. Topped with delicious kerrie mayo, crispy onions, sriracha and some veg. The burger bun was plain but it paired beautifully with the burger. Now

Vegan Sushi review

Hey Sushi lover! You've come to the right address if you want to read about me devouring some sushi. I saw a Facebook event named vegan sushi event en needn't know more. I was going. It was held in de stad tuin in Utrecht. The place was small but perfect for the occasion. We started off with a buddha bowl. (last pic) it had orange and purple sweet potato, soy crisps, vegetable and some great sauces. We drank Saki with it, which was served warm.  After that sushi round one came. (middle left) It consisted of mango/wasabi, avocado/guacamole, cucumber/sweet potato/sweet sauce, cucumber/carrot/spicy sauce maki. Im not the biggest fan of wasabi but if you are that one would probably be your favorite. I basically liked all the others. Next round had purple sweet potato/beet mayo, cabbage/curry, soy/sweet sugar maki. (middle right) They were all delicious and gone in no time. It paired perfectly with my mannen liefde beer.  Third came the beyond meat sushi burger. I