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My Fav Vegan places in NYC N.01

Since most of you know, if you've read my previous blog, that I'm mostly vegan. Therefore I was almost obliged to check out New York's best vegan food places. I'll elaborate on some more the others, due too the amount of food I had there or what my experience was. Disclaimer; all pictures and opinions are my own. Butchers daughter Overall 4,2 Venue 4 Food 4,7 Location 3 For my drink I had the mango slatsi smoothie which was very silky, smooth and definitely pleasing. As a starter I shared the quac dip with bread with Renee. You got a overload of avocado what we very much enjoyed, it had enough flavour without to much added salt and pepper, always good! It is something I would surely choose as a snack any time.  For dinner we  shared the burger and raw zucchini spaghetti. I count myself as a veggie burger know-it-all since I've head a lot of them in my life. As most of them tend to be quite dry this one was too. But I liked that it was a bit

Me and my shadow

"Even a white rose has a black shadow. You might lose it in the dark, you might become it, but is something that will stay with you forever." Being a normal kid has never come easy for me, I' ve always had struggles with numbers and letters. At the age of six my mom discovered that I had dyslexia and dyscalculia. Dyslexia and dyscalculia are brain disorders which can effect your language and math skills on a daily basis in a lot of different ways. With me it meant that reading was a lot harder, learning how to spell a word and grammar was difficult. Also numbers were a disaster I always read them wrong. For example; if it said on the paper 62 I read 26. Simple things like the names and order of the months, left or right and the times tables I could not remember. Infrequent orders or quickly changing patters always caught me off guard. If I was making arithmetic sums and it was divide by three times in a row and the fourth sum would be times 2, first off all