My Fav Vegan places in NYC N.01

Since most of you know, if you've read my previous blog, that I'm mostly vegan. Therefore I was almost obliged to check out New York's best vegan food places. I'll elaborate on some more the others, due too the amount of food I had there or what my experience was. Disclaimer; all pictures and opinions are my own.

Butchers daughter

Overall 4,2
Venue 4
Food 4,7
Location 3

For my drink I had the mango slatsi smoothie which was very silky, smooth and definitely pleasing. As a starter I shared the quac dip with bread with Renee. You got a overload of avocado what we very much enjoyed, it had enough flavour without to much added salt and pepper, always good! It is something I would surely choose as a snack any time. 
For dinner we shared the burger and raw zucchini spaghetti. I count myself as a veggie burger know-it-all since I've head a lot of them in my life. As most of them tend to be quite dry this one was too. But I liked that it was a bit spicy and the vegan cheese was truly an added bonus. I had never had such 'spaghetti' before. I love normal wheat pasta so I was kind of hasitend but Oh boy what was I pleasantly surprised. It was so good I would give it 5 stars.

The location is nearby A subway station which makes it easy to find. However it isn't a very clean neighborhood in China town but the restaurant itself is totally the opposite of that.

You walk into a very modern hipster little corner cafe where you sit on moving crutches at window bars. It is full with cute succulent plants, all sorts of wooden things and baskets of fruit. If you need to use the bathroom don't worry they've got you covered, it is nicely designed as well and if you don't need to just go and wash you hands. Next door there is also a market where you can buy the ingredients, very nice right! 

All in all it was a restaurant where I would surely go again for lunch or dinner (they have a broader selection of meals after 5pm) to check out more of what they have to offer! 


Overall 3,7
Venue 4
Food 4,2
Location 3

I went for the Vanilla sprinkle doughnut, quite boring in comparison to the rest they had but I was just feeling it. The dough was really soft and just perfect, the doughnut wasn't very vanillary, but it didn't matter it was just a good classical doughnut. The shop was cute, really nice to have a midday convo with some coffee or get some work done or your laptop. It is located in a cool part of Brooklyn, a little harder to find if you're not familiar, but hey that's why maps exists right. 

Champs diner

Venue 4,3
Food 4,1
Location 4,6
Overall 4,3 

I got the Bananarama pancakes, and I can highly recommend them. The Coconut whipcream was a very nice creamy surprise and the chocolate pieces are just sweet goodness. After that I got the Frensh toast slam, which was really interesting. The Tofu tasted almost exactly like egg and the bacon was nice and smokey. 
It is the cool neighboorhood Buchwick in Brooklyn. The diner is kind of grungy chic, you have cool black booths, walls of glass and helpful, friendly waitresses.  Definitely not hard to find as well.

The cinnamon snail

Food 4
Venue 3
Location 4
Overall 3,7

I got the coconut & basil doughnut, the frosting was amazing but the dough was a little bit dry unfortunately.
It is located nearby a very big subway station, therefore really easy to find. The cafe it self was decorated nicely and there was a lot of seating space but it was more grab and go, which doesn't have preference. 

Yours Faithfully,



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