My Fav Vegan places in NYC N.02


Overall 4,4
Food 5
Venue 4
Location 4,3

This must be my favorite off all, it was my go to and therefore I tried almost the whole menu. Spoiler alert; I liked it all! The guac veggie burger is amazing seriously I could it every day. It's nice and creamy especially with fries (sweet potato, or normal) and a beet ketchup or spicy mayo you're all set. The hot dog is very good, fresh and spicy at the same time. The pesto pasta is precisely the right amount of pesto, but if cilantro isn't your fav let this one slide. The mac and cheese, Oh my god it's the best I've ever had, even better than the 'real' one in my opinion. They but some smoked mushroom on it, how they do it is a mystery but it tasted EXACTLY like bacon. The purple smoothie is creamy, sweet, fruity and nicely filling. The quinoa salad must be my favorite of all. It is loaded with all the good stuff, you get quinoa which on it's own is already good. Even more you get avocado, tomatoes, crunchy chips, lettuce and spicy 'ground beef'. This combo gives a fresh but still filling and flavored salad.
You have multiple (5 (soon 7)) locations (google your closest), the ones I visited, the Flatiron, the other in Greenwich Village. Both easy to acces. They are all very cool decorated, I personally love the hipstery style they go with. It's almost always busy, the only downside, but is it really? It shows it's good! trust me just wait a lil, it's worth it.

By CHLOE Sweets

Overall 3,8
Food 4,5
Venue 3
Location 4,3

Can it get any better than a vegan bakery? YES, because it's from by chloe. If you feel like a lil dessert or even a whole cake your wish is granted at this place. It's right next to by chloe's greenwich village location, perfect right?! The chocolate chip cookies are chewy, soft and extremely delicious. the cupcakes are good too, but not special. The pecan pie is nutty, the caramel is perfect and just the right amount of sweet. They also sell coffee and other beverages, if necessary with soy, almond and coconut milk option. 
It is quite small, but there is outside seating. Cute decoration, quite like the main locations. 


Food 4,6
Venue 4
Location 4,7
Overall 4,4

At this restaurant I got once again a veggie burger, it was a normal cheese burger. The burger was fantastic, it was nice and juicy, I could've sworn it was real meat. It was the best fake meat vegan burger I've tried so far. Also the vegan cheese was a nice bonus, moreover it was just a normal burger.
The venue is very nice for a date or family dinner, and very close to union square. 


Food 4,2
Venue 3,5
Location 4
Overall 3,9

I was told to get the lasagna, so that's what I did and I was glad that I followed up the recommendation. The lasagna tasted precisely like 'real' lasagna even a meat eater said so, it was very filling though. The truffle risotto is also a good choice.
The restaurant is perfect for a date, but even with friends it's a nice comfortable place, a little pricy. 

Beyond sushi

Overall 3,2
Food 4,2
Venue 2,5
Location 3

Mango roll was really good, nice flavor and texture. The perfect combo between sweet and savory.
Green roll different than what I've ever had. It is made with a pesto sauce, and the top gets caramelized. Dumplings are good as well, they're made with tofu and mushroom. In comparison with the rest of the food not that special.
It's located in a very small room not very cosy, and the waitress wasn't very kind or patient. But hey maybe she just had a bad day. The food is worth it though, but maybe get it to go.
A little walk to get there but not to far from the flatiron building or subway. 

Yours Faithfully,


disclaimer; all pictures and opinion are my own 


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