Helsinki food tour

Hi foodie!
At least I estimate you are, I mean who doesn't like food?!
Well for all things delicious you're definitely at the right address. This post is about all the vegan restaurants I checked out whilst exploring the Finnish capital Helsinki, get a snack cuz you might get hungry!

I'll start with healthy meal, just to compensate with everything that comes next. Life's all about a good balance.
This place is actually the last place I visited on my trip but hey better late than never. The restaurant is called Roots and is all organic/gluten free/vegan, what's not to love about that? I got the raw zucchini pasta, which was a big plate full! Normally after a raw meal in a restaurant I tend to still be hungry because they just don't serve big enough options but that was not the case this time around. The plate was filled to the rim with amazing pesto zucchini noodles topped with cashews, sun dried tomatoes, sprouts and a slice of lovely nut bread with beetroot hummus on it. Boy I immediately crave it again now that I'm writing about it. Just believe me when I say this, you need to have tried zucchini pasta at least once in your lifetime.
My fried Amanda got a burger with Finnish mock meat which was also very good, especially if you're craving something more savory and warm. It also came with a side of fermented carrots and the same enjoyable hummus.

Now on to less healthy food, well less healthy I don't think it can get any more junky than a cheesy pizza. Nonetheless, I didn't feel guilty eating it because they were just so damn tasty. The restaurant is called Denny's and we shared the two vegan options they had. One was a sweater pizza (Vegano, right), it had a tomato/vegan cheese base -obviously- and Ras el Hanout marinated chickpeas, roasted Jerusalem artichoke, spinach, harissa (hot), marinated red onion, hazelnuts and vegan cheese on it. A bit to sweet to eat in it's entirety that's why it's always good to have a friend around who you can share it with. The second pizza (Verdure, left) was undoubtedly the winner, it had the same tomato base and vegan cheese but was topped with avocado, with smoked salt seasoned grilled aubergine, rocket leaves, bruschetta tomato and crispy onion. 

Another day, another junky food item, or two. The burger was probably one of the most realistic vegan burgers I've ever had. With the right amount of veggies, cuaqamole and grease this double decker burger makes for a must try when in Helsinki! The little joint it's available at is called Social burger joint.
On the right picture you see the raw vegan lemon pie Amanda and I shared in a cozy little cottage called Regatta. In combination with a tea/coffee with oat milk it makes for a perfect rest spot. More on this place in my Helsinki, cold but colorful blog.

In the Kamppi shopping mall there is a cute little eatery called date and kale with a wide range of healthy dishes. they have juices/smoothies, original latte's/tea's, sandwiches, salads, fruit/buddha bowls, soups and some more unhealthy sweet pastries. My friend and I shared the avocado and hummus toast, and let me tell ya it was amazing. They definitely did not held back on the avo (which you don't see a lot) and the hummus was not to salty but still the dish had very good flavoring. I drank a matcha tea with it, which is just tea with matcha powder in it. The banana smoothie is for sure the better option, which my friend got. Was rather jealous of that.
For the mains we got the parsnip soup, I loved that. I am a big soup fan so I can be a bit picky but this I am without a doubt going to try and recreate at home! Disclaimer; it was the soup of the day so it is likely they won't have it on the day you visit. However, don't be sad because the other item we tried is a regular. It's the avocado quinoa bowl, again with a lot of avo and the same amazing hummus. A bit to much quinoa, we couldn't finish it all, still a very nourishing dish. My body definitely loved it as did my tastebuds!

If you know me, or have been following me for a while you know I love me some sushi. Luckily for me I did not have to miss out on that during this trip. Amanda knew about this place called sushibar+wine inside a community center that servers a lot of vegan sushi items so I could not, not go. We shared the shiitake  mushrooms sashimi, which if you like mushrooms you will find very pleasurable, as well as the roll which isn't that specially ingrient wise but deffinely hits the spot. The tofu poke bowl also spoke to us so we decided to get that as well, why the heck not. The sushi rice had the perfect texture and the toppings the right amount of flavoring, it was salty from the marinated tofu it was sweet from the fermented red kale and bell pepper and spicy from the chili. All in all the perfect meal to end this post with don't you think?
I loved eating my way through Helsinki, hope you will as well if you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful city?

Yours Faithfully,



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