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Mental health during Quarantine & Chill

Everyone is stuck in isolation. If it is with family, roommates, pets or just by yourself it can be hard. Not having enough alone time or having too much alone time can drive you wild. If you are familiar with mental health struggles this might be a difficult time for you. So here are some tips on how to get you through the days. PS: even if you don't struggle with mental health yourself this might still be a good read. It might help you relate or converse with those who do. 1. Meditation This is my favorite tip by far. If you're just a bit like me you'll be stuck in your head a lot. Nitpicking every single detail about yourself. Usually, in our busy student life, we have enough going on that there is not a lot of time left to spend hours in our heads. However, now that we're stuck sitting inside there is a whole lot of opportunities to snuggle up underneath a blanket with a cup of tea and start to fantasize about everything you hate about yourself. So I